Update: GFRIEND Unveils Track List For New Mini Album “Labyrinth”

Updated January 22 KST:

GFRIEND revealed the track list for their mini album “回:LABYRINTH”!

The group will be returning with the title track “Crossroads,” which was co-composed by Noh Joo Hwan and Lee Won Jong, the composers behind their track “Time for the Moon Night.”

The album will also include five more songs. Big Hit Entertainment founder Bang Shi Hyuk took part in writing lyrics for two of the songs, following Source Music’s acquisition by Big Hit last year.

Updated January 21 KST: 

GFRIEND has dropped the first of their comeback teasers, “A Tale of the Glass Bead: Previous Story.”

This teaser shows clips from their previous music videos, connected by an English-language narration that connects their music videos in a single mysterious storyline.

Check it out below!

Updated January 20 KST:

GFRIEND has shared a new teaser schedule for their upcoming return with “回:LABYRINTH”!

Original Article:

GFRIEND is on the way!

The group has now announced that they’ll return on February 3 with “回:LABYRINTH”! Meanings of the character “回” include “return” and “turn around.” Pre-orders for their new release begin on January 20.

This will be GFRIEND’s first comeback since Source Music was acquired by Big Hit Entertainment in late July 2019. The group’s last release was “Fever,” which came out on July 1.

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