Sung Dong Il, CLC’s Eunbin, PENTAGON’s Yeo One, And More To Star In Upcoming Sitcom

TV Chosun has announced plans for its upcoming comedy drama “Somehow Family” (literal title).

“Somehow Family” is about a uniquely constructed family consisting of members who work for the same airline at an airport. They live in a boarding house run by the couple Sung Dong Il (played by Sung Dong Il) and Jin Hee Kyung (played by Jin Hee Kyung). As a new type of variety drama, the upcoming show will deliver a unique form of entertainment to the viewers.

Actors Sung Dong Il, Jin Hee Kyung, Kim Kwang Gyu, Oh Hyun Kyung, Seo Ji Suk, Lee Bon, Kim Min Kyo, CLC’s Eunbin, PENTAGON’s Yeo One, and Andreas Varsakopoulos have been confirmed for the cast. Most of the actors will play characters with their own names, allowing them to easily step into their roles.

Sung Dong Il and Jin Hee Kyung will be showcasing their hilarious chemistry as a couple in the new drama. The two people who run Ha Neul’s boarding house were once a captain and a director at the Incheon branch for the National Intelligence Service.

CLC’s Eunbin will play their daughter Sung Ha Neul who secretly returns to Korea after quitting her studies abroad without consulting her parents. On top of that, she doesn’t talk and uses a sketchbook and broken sign language to communicate. The reason for her early return and refusal to speak are two mysterious points that will be unveiled in the drama.

Kim Kwang Gyu will be playing Sung Dong Il’s close neighbor from his hometown. He is an affectionate single man who is looking after his younger brother and niece. Oh Hyun Kyung will take on the role of Jin Hee Kyung’s best friend from high school who now runs a chicken restaurant. Her bickering with Kim Kwang Gyu is expected to bring lots of laughter to viewers.

Seo Ji Suk will play Kim Kwang Gyu’s younger brother Kim Ji Suk who is raising his daughter on his own after his wife’s passing. He often captures attention as the most handsome captain of the airline Air For You.

Lee Bon will play an experienced flight attendant team leader who works at the same airline as Kim Ji Suk. Although she has a crush on Kim Ji Suk, she is someone who does not express her feelings much.

Kim Min Kyo, Yeo One, and Andreas will play Air For You’s maintenance crew member, new flight attendant, and co-pilot, respectively.

TV Chosun’s refreshing new family drama “Somehow Family” will premiere sometime in March.

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