Kim Junsu Shares Heartfelt Words Celebrating 10th Anniversary As Musical Actor

JYJ’s Kim Junsu looked back on his career as a musical actor as he celebrated his 10th anniversary.

The singer took to his personal Instagram account to share a photo from “Mozart!,” which was the first musical he appeared in. He looked back on the past 10 years with the following words:

A lot of time has passed and today is my 10th anniversary as a musical actor.

In a time when the world felt scary for the first time and I spent every night in tears because of things that upset and hurt me, it was when I was just starting to feel like I was going to be okay and felt like I was becoming a more mature adult that I met the musical “Mozart!,” which connected me with fans and audience members after a long period of waiting.

As I was standing on my own, I wondered if I could do well without anyone’s help, and standing in front of everyone with a genre I’d never done before was so scary and frightening. But what gave me courage was the fact that what the musical set out to share with the world was what I had wanted to cry out to the world as well. Because of that, I was able to gather up the courage and fall deeply into the new genre of musicals, and I’m still here till this moment.

I thought that awards shows and awards would never be a part of my life again, but musicals made everything come true, and musicals have been a source of happiness, a ray of light, and a way to break through. I believe I was able to reach my 10th anniversary because of the fans and audience members who have walked with me and watched over me in every show and every moment.

Starting with “Mozart!” and then “Tears of Heaven,” “Elisabeth,” “December,” “Dracula,” “Death Note,” “Dorian Gray,” and “Xcalibur.” The precious moments of being able to participate in such great productions, they’re all thanks to you all. I’m not sure which musicals I’ll be greeting you with in the future, but I promise to make every show and every moment great, and I wish to sincerely thank you once more. I love you.

Kim Junsu is set to return to the stage once more with “Dracula,” which will open its curtains on February 11.

Congratulations to Kim Junsu for celebrating his 10th anniversary as a musical actor!

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