ITZY, TXT, And AB6IX Share Thoughts On Winning Rookie Awards At 29th Seoul Music Awards + Plans For 2020

2019’s hottest rookies ITZY, TXT, and AB6IX sat down with Sports Seoul to discuss their rookie awards and plans for this year.

On January 30, all three teams received the Rookie Award at the 29th Seoul Music Awards. Given the time limits and nerves that come with a thank you speech, the outlet gave the groups another opportunity to share all of their thoughts on their win.

In addition to being the fastest girl group to win first place on a music show from a major broadcasting network, ITZY has an incredible grand total of 10 rookie awards. Leader Yeji shared, “We are so happy to receive another rookie award. In line with last year, this year’s start has been good. We are thankful for the staff members and JYP family who always work tirelessly for us. I also want to tell my loving and supportive parents that I’m thankful.” Lia thanked the group’s fans, MIDZY, for their 10 wins, with Yeji adding, “I think we’ve won all of the awards in our career thanks to MIDZY. Although we are still lacking, we will become a more hard-working ITZY so that we can grow.”

Yuna continued, “Last year was unforgettable. The most memorable thing for me is our first debut performance. I believe last year was like a gift to us. I am so thankful that we were able to achieve so much and spend time with MIDZY.” Chaeryoung touched on the group’s plans for 2020, sharing, “If we showed our direction last year, this year we will show a maturing side of us that more clearly defines our direction.”

Lastly, Ryujin commented, “With a rookie award from the Seoul Music Awards, we have received 10 in total. With the start of the new year, I hope everyone has a great 2020.”

Yeonjun of TXT commented on the group’s win. He said, “I want to thank the officials of the Seoul Music Awards for inviting us. We are also thankful to the people who came to watch. We will continue to release good music, so please look forward to it.”

Not only are TXT taking Korea by a storm, they also have a huge international following. Right after their debut, they set a new record after landing in No. 140 on the Billboard 200. When asked what they think their fans love about them, Beomgyu answered, “I think they like seeing our hard-working and energetic sides.”

They also spoke about what 2019 meant to them. Taehyun shared, “2019 is meaningful because we made our debut. It’s memorable because I was able to achieve my dream after being a trainee for so long. Every moment with MOA [TXT’s fans] also lasts in my memory.” Yeonjun added, “This year, we want to meet [our fans] as often as possible. If we get the opportunity, I want to try a concert for only MOA. I hope there is good news.”

AB6IX also received lots of love in 2019, particularly for being a self-producing team with meaningful songs. Regarding their most recent rookie award, Lee Dae Hwi shared, “The Seoul Music Awards are a long-running award show, so I am thankful that we were invited to an award show with tradition. We will show how grateful we are with good performances.” Kim Dong Hyun also commented, “We work hard for all five members to participate in the creation of our albums. I think our hard work has been well-recognized with this incredible award, so we will work harder to share good performances and good music.”

Lee Dae Hwi opened the Seoul Music Awards with Kim Hyun Chul and Daybreak. He commented, “Thank you for giving me such a good opportunity. It was an honour to share the stage with senior artists I admire.”

AB6IX discussed their plans to go overseas this year, with Jeon Woong explaining, “We are planning for a world tour this year. When we finish, we will return with a good album.” Lastly, Im Young Min commented, “Please show continuous interest in the Seoul Music Awards and please look forward to AB6IX.”

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