Jin Se Yeon Stands Strong In The Face Of The Enemy In “Queen: Love And War”

Jin Se Yeon’s strength and tenacity will be put to the test in “Queen: Love and War.”

On February 6, TV Chosun released stills of the actress, with just a few days left before the finale. The palace romance and its lead actress have ranked on the list of most buzzworthy dramas and actors for the fourth week of January.

In the drama, Jin Se Yeon portrays heroine Kang Eun Bo who began dreaming of becoming a queen to fight against those who try to gain power by hurting innocent people. Last week, she revealed the secret about her dead twin sister and former queen.

In the stills, Jin Se Yeon looks fiercely at the person standing before her despite the knife pointed at her neck. This is the scene where Kang Eun Bo was dragged onto a snow-covered field with her hair down and hands tied together. She doesn’t flinch even when the sharp tip of the knife stabs her skin.

This scene was filmed in January at a mountain pass in the Taebaek Mountains called Daegwallyeong in Gangwon Province. Despite wearing only a single layer in the cold outdoors, Jin Se Yeon only focused on getting the shot right. She put a hot pack to her lips so that her mouth wouldn’t dry up due to the wind before getting into character to film.

When cameras began rolling, the actress poured out the emotions she had prepared and passionately portrayed the fearless Kang Eun Bo. She perfectly said her lines without any mistakes and earned applause on set.

A source from the drama said, “In order to repay those who love ‘Queen: Love and War,’ we released a piece of the final 15th and 16th episodes. An unexpected story plays out until the end. Please look forward to how the story will conclude in Kang Eun Bo and Jin Se Yeon’s way.”

What happened to Kang Eun Bo who was staying with Lee Kyung (played by Kim Min Kyu) inside of the palace, and why is she standing alone in the middle of a snow-covered mountain path? Find out when “Queen: Love and War” airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:50 p.m. KST.

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