8Eight’s Joo Hee Tells Story Of BTS Taking Concept Photos At Her Studio

8Eight’s Joo Hee talked about how BTS were the first customers at her photography studio!

On February 13, the trio 8Eight appeared as guests on the radio show “Cultwo Show.” 8Eight and BTS have a Big Hit connection, as 8Eight debuted under the agency in 2007. Members Joo Hee and Baek Chan’s contracts with the company ended in 2014, while member Lee Hyun remains at the agency. The trio recently made a long-awaited comeback with their first single in six years.

On the radio show, 8Eight explained that their reunion happened because Big Hit founder Bang Shi Hyuk had contacted them on the 10th anniversary of their song “Without a Heart,” which he composed.

Lee Hyun said, “I got a message from Bang Shi Hyuk on the day of the song’s 10th anniversary. That’s when [the 8Eight members] met for the first time in a while and began preparing our album.”

Joo Hee mentioned that she’d released a solo album during their hiatus, which was produced by Baek Chan. Baek Chan added, “I’m also going to release an album this year to let people know that I’m a singer too.”

Joo Hee also shared that she’s running a 100 pyung (approximately 3,560 square foot) studio in the Seocho district, where both 8Eight and BTS had shot photographs. Lee Hyun added that Joo Hee’s first customer had actually been BTS.

“I was so surprised when I suddenly got a call,” said Joo Hee. “As soon as we opened, I got a call from BTS’s reps.” When asked about it by the hosts, Joo Hee explained that she doesn’t personally take the photos and that instead she takes part in the interior design and furniture.

Special DJ Shin Bong Sun pointed out that fans often go to check out filming locations, calling them “sacred sites.” She said, “I think your studio could be that kind of spot!” Joo Hee laughed and said, “That would be good!”

SpoTVNews reports that after the broadcast, fans were curious and looked to find what photos BTS had taken at her studio. They found that it was jacket photos for BTS’s April 2019 mini album “Map of the Soul: Persona.” At the time, the studio had written on their official Instagram, “We will never forget the touching moment when BTS came to our studio. Just for BTS, we prepared a unique set and direction that was completely bathed in pink light.”

8Eight released their single “Again Deceived in Love” on February 7. BTS is currently gearing up for a comeback on February 21 with their fourth studio album “Map of the Soul: 7.”

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