10 K-Pop Songs To Get You Through A Bad Breakup

As unfortunate as they are, breakups happen sometimes. They’re usually easier to handle when it’s an amicable separation, but it can get unpleasant if things go south.

If you ever, God forbid, find yourself in a similar situation, the following K-pop songs will hopefully give you the comfort you need when going through such tough times.

1. DAY6 – “Congratulations”

There are times when couples take a break to reassess their relationship. Sadly, not all of them get back together, especially if priorities change during the break and they’d rather turn the page and meet someone new. DAY6 beautifully addresses this unfortunate turn of events through heartwrenching lyrics to convey the feeling. One piece of advice the band gives us is that although it stings to be in this situation, it is essential that you put yourself and your feelings first, and allow yourself to heal while you embrace your newly-found freedom.

2. MAMAMOO – “Egotistic”

A narcissistic partner brings irreparable damage to the relationship, which comes to an end most of the time. MAMAMOO seems to know a thing or two about this, and they don’t shy away from sharing their piece of mind with us through “Egotistic.” The quartet insists on placing yourself first instead of looking after your significant other’s well-being and suggests that the best alternative is to take the high road and free yourself. If you should learn anything from this flamboyant track, it would be to take care of yourself and to confidently prepare to be on your own.

3. BLACKPINK – “Kill This Love”

A heartless love is perhaps the epitome of oxymorons, and BLACKPINK gives us lessons to “Kill This Love” and be done with it once and for all. Through this hit, they show us how this dangerous situation comes to be, which often happens when one or both partners disregard the other’s feelings, leaving room for deception. Albeit heartbreaking, the best way to save yourself from this fate is to put an end to this toxic love and start living again.

4. G-Dragon – “Crooked”

G-dragon is one of the best songwriters in the music industry, and for good reason. In “Crooked,” he tells the story of the aftermath that follows a couple separating. Life may feel meaningless for a while, and sometimes, the built-in frustration translates to mischief, rebellion, and everything in between, all of which is a means to blow off steam. That exact moment is when you should take time for yourself and go over your past relationship inside your head, in an attempt to identify all the red flags you previously missed and to work on mending your broken heart.

5. IU – “Ending Scene”

Cutting ties can happen in such a cold and distant manner, which tends to be painful. IU has a unique way of portraying that exact feeling in her MV as she serenades us with her sweet and powerful voice. Through the lines, she tells us that getting used to your ex’s indifference for so long gives you a clear idea of the future partner that you want to be with, and that despite the current circumstances, you can only wish them well in their love life.

6. (G)I-DLE – “Hann”

In this hypnotic single, (G)I-DLE draws our attention to how most love stories start with sugar-coated talk, and rare are those that stand the test of time. The girls emphasize how you suddenly find yourself in front of a completely different person who gave nothing but empty promises, and whom you can’t even recognize anymore. That’s when you decide that it’s time to pull the plug on this relationship and erase them from your heart and mind.

7. BTS – “Fake Love”

BTS walks us through the process of saving a relationship before you realize it’s all in vain. They show that despite doing everything to save your love such as changing for your partner, making sacrifices, and hiding your pain for the sake of their happiness; at the end of the day, you realize that the feelings bringing you together are fake and you cannot possibly keep going in an aimless direction. Surely, it takes more than just an emotional bond to make relationships work, but even then, not all efforts are appreciated.

8. 2NE1 – “Go Away”

2NE1 sung of heartbreak as much as they did of love, and this melodramatic song and MV are living proof. These fine ladies movingly share how it hurts enough when you find out that you were cheated on, but the pain only gets worse when you catch them red-handed and unapologetic about it. With this in mind, the badass group admits that what’s done is done and all you need to do right now is look after yourself. Granted, you’ll walk away and let go of love and sadness for the sake of your peace of mind.

9. SISTAR – “Alone”

As SISTAR points it out in their suave jam, sometimes, you just want to sit by yourself and think about everything that went wrong between you and your ex and simply cry it out of your system. The song also shows that processing your emotions is no easy task, and you don’t have to deal with them until you’re positively ready to shelf this chapter of your life and move on.

10. EXO’s Chen – “Beautiful Goodbye”

Chen confesses that addressing things becomes so much easier after breaking up and that tension arises in the heat of the moment. Through the song, he advises us to keep in mind that even when the separation itself can’t get any worse, bidding your former significant other farewell and wishing them well can grant you such solace that you wouldn’t even have expected. This way, you can cherish the moments you two once shared without having to carry the burden of an ugly breakup.

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Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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