“Running Man” PD Jung Chul Min Talks About His Last Day Of Filming

Longtime “Running Man” producing director (PD) Jung Chul Min shared his experience on his last day of filming the popular SBS show.

In an interview with MK Sports on February 18 after his final filming day, Jung Chul Min said, “I spent seven years of my 11-year career as a PD with ‘Running Man.’ My beginning and end was ‘Running Man,’ so I feel even more affectionate towards it and the cast members and staff all feel like my family.”

“It wasn’t the last time that I’m going to see the members and everyone,” he said. “So I enjoyed myself and felt grateful as I ended my time with the program. Maybe because I’ve been directing the show for many years, I felt like I was graduating from a school I’ve been attending for a long time.”

Jung Chul Min also expressed his gratitude to the viewers of the show. “I worked hard, but in the beginning when I was put in charge of such a big program, I did worry that I would cause problems. I was very worried, but the viewers showed so much love and generous support, and so I want to thank them sincerely. I’ll work hard so that I can return with another good program.”

It was shared on February 18 that Lee Kwang Soo was in a car accident over the weekend that left him with a fractured ankle, meaning he had surgery and was unable to take part in the “Running Man” filming.

“I spoke with Lee Kwang Soo over the phone before the filming,” said Jung Chul Min. “I thought that it would be best if he focused on treatment rather than overdoing it by participating in filming, since his leg is not in good condition.”

“We talked before he went in for surgery, and he’ll be resting now after his surgery,” said Jung Chul Min. “I’m planning on calling him again later on, and I’ll visit him soon once he’s feeling better.”

After taking a break, Jung Chul Min plans to return with a new show. Choi Bo Pil, who has been an assistant director for “Running Man,” will now be taking over as the show’s producing director.

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