Lee Shin Young’s Agency Takes Legal Action Against Former Classmate For Malicious Rumors

Actor Lee Shin Young’s agency Forest Entertainment has filed criminal charges against an individual who spread malicious rumors about the actor.

Earlier this month, rumors surfaced that Lee Shin Young was an infamous perpetrator of school violence.

On February 20, Forest Entertainment stated through an official post, “On February 18, we filed a criminal complaint with the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office against the perpetrator [hereafter referred to as ‘A’] who spread malicious slander, rumors, and false information against Lee Shin Young.”

The agency shared that “A” admitted he spread false information with the aim of slandering victim Lee Shin Young for reasons like jealousy. “A” confessed it was a misunderstanding, apologized to Lee Shin Young, and asked for forgiveness by voluntarily deleting all the postings. Lee Shin Young considered his actions to be genuine, and although the damage caused by this incident was serious, he was generous enough to forgive A’s misconduct.

However, “A” suddenly changed his attitude and blackmailed the actor’s father, saying “I wrote a letter of apology without receiving any money. I’m thinking of revealing everything on the [online] community. If you don’t intend to reach an agreement with me, don’t contact me. I’ll see you at the station.” This continuous slander of Lee Shin Young tarnished his image, mentally traumatized him, and caused the advertising model contract he was pursing to come to nothing.

Forest Entertainment pressed criminal charges against “A” for continuously slandering and blackmailing Lee Shin Young even when he forgave him the first time.

The agency said, “We hope that through this incident, ‘A’ will become more mature and lead a normal life while truly repenting on his mistakes.”

Furthermore, Forest Entertainment warned, “We inform you that we will take legal action without any room for tolerance against acts that spread ‘false rumors’ and cause [our actors] to be hurt, and the responsibility for all acts of spreading malicious rumors and slander lie with the perpetrators.”

Lee Shin Young made his acting debut in 2018 through the web drama “Just One Bite.” He gained popularity for his role in “Crash Landing on You,” which came to an end on February 16. He is confirmed to star in a new KBS drama titled “Contract Friendship” (literal translation).

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