SM Releases Official Statement Regarding Chen And EXO’s Future Activities

EXO’s agency has released a statement regarding the group’s current situation and future plans.

On February 20, SM Entertainment shared the following statement:

Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

This is a statement regarding the stance of EXO members and the agency regarding the future direction of EXO’s activities.

As EXO’s management agency, we have prioritized the members’ opinions regarding important matters including the direction of the team and members’ activities.

Before officially announcing the marriage of member Chen, there was discussion exchanged with the EXO members. As much as the EXO members have all experienced the pain of members leaving, they expressed their intention that they want to continue together as they have until now. The agency also respected this opinion of the members, and there will be no changes in EXO’s member [lineup].

In addition, there are members who have military enlistment approaching ahead, so it was planned since last year for EXO’s activities this year to be focused on solo and unit activities. The members’ activities will be revealed one by one.

The EXO members will continue to promote in various ways as EXO, solo artists, and units, and they will repay the love of fans.

We will also provide our full support in every way possible for further growth of EXO and the members.

Thank you.

Chen announced his plans for marriage on January 13, and he recently posted a letter of apology to fans.

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