Jo Byeong Gyu Talks About Girlfriend Kim Bo Ra + His Love Line With Park Eun Bin In “Stove League”

Actor Jo Byeong Gyu sat down for an interview following the recent conclusion of his drama “Stove League.”

During the interview, he mentioned his girlfriend Kim Bo Ra, saying, “We are meeting well. Since we work in the same industry, it’s true that I’m careful when mentioning her.” The couple has been dating for a year after confirming their relationship early last year. He continued, “We go out a lot so people see us often. Neither of us have cars, so we are always walking around.”

In “Stove League,” Jo Byeong Gyu played Han Jae Hee, who worked on the operations team for the baseball team Dreams. He shared, “It was an honor to end last year and begin this year with a good production like ‘Stove League.’ While together, I felt like I was growing too.” Regarding his love line with Park Eun Bin’s character Lee Se Young, he jokingly commented, “It was regretful. I kept expressing myself but I kept being pushed away.”

Jo Byeong Gyu continued, “When I first joined, the script was out up to episode four. While reading the script, I thought Jae Hee and Se Young might end up together down the line. In the end, I think everyone met their happy ending. I kept that idea in my head, but I think it was realistic for the drama and right for viewers to focus on the sport to more enjoyably watch and feel the story. In that aspect, I am satisfied.”

He also spoke about working with Park Eun Bin, sharing, “She was so kind. Aside from acting, I had so much to learn from her as a human being. She has been acting for as long as I have been alive. When just considering acting, I think she is the most senior in our production. It’s my second time working with her, but she hasn’t changed from when we first met. I consistently think there are many things I have to learn from her. Unlike our first project where I just observed her, it was an honor to act and communicate with her through this production.”

On the other hand, Park Eun Bin revealed that she had no regrets regarding their love line, sharing, “Since our drama was directly an office drama from the start, I thought that a love line did not fit with the story. Since we barely had enough time to shed light on each character, I believed that we wouldn’t be able to tell the full story if we were trying to immerse viewers into a love line. That’s why I felt that finishing it simply like our drama did was good.”

She also praised Jo Byeong Gyu as “a skillful and smart friend.” She added, “He knows how to do a lot of things and has a lot of wit when acting, so we improvised a lot. I never really have friends my age on set, so I often joked around with Byeong Gyu, who was one of the only younger people. Since he treated me comfortably from the start, I was able to respond comfortably too. I have an older brother, but after him, I think Byeong Gyu is the first guy I’ve been so comfortable with.”

After making his debut in 2015 with KBS2’s “Who Are You: School 2015,” Jo Byeong Gyu has appeared in many different dramas, most recently starring in hits “SKY Castle” and “Stove League.” Many people exclaimed that he had essentially hit two home runs with these dramas, to which he responded, “Many people say that I was successful two times in a row, but there were a couple of projects in between. However, since they’re framing it like that, I’ll go along with it. All of my productions are special to me, but it’s an honor that people say that to me.”

Almost to the point where there are very few roles he has yet to try, Jo Byeong Gyu has been working tirelessly since his debut. He shared, “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t need a break. I’m the type to have a lot of fears, so I think I wondered a lot whether I could keep acting. I’ve done a lot of minor roles, and it hasn’t been easy for me to get to ‘Stove League.’ My senior actors have obviously gone through a lot to get to where they are today, but I still have pride in my own journey. If I had rested because I was having a hard time, I wouldn’t have been able to meet ‘SKY Castle’ and would not have been able to get to ‘Stove League.’ That’s why even when I’m having a hard time, I think that I have to endure and go through with it.”

Although he has yet to decide on his next project, Jo Byeong Gyu shared, “I would like to try a school setting. I don’t know whether it’s because of my voice or my tone, but I haven’t done a lot of student roles. Since people are so used to ‘SKY Castle,’ it may not seem that way, but I’ve portrayed many characters in their late 20s. Since I played an adult this time, I want to try a student next time because I have a wish to wear a uniform.”

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