Update: VICTON’s Byungchan Suffers Neck Injury, To Sit Out Further “Continuous” Promotions Due To Worsening Of Symptoms

Updated March 18 KST:

VICTON’s agency has announced an update on Byungchan’s health and promotional plans for their mini album “Continuous.”

Until this point, Byungchan has been sitting for performances of their track “Howling” and not taking part in some other promotional activities, however he will no longer be taking part in any promotions.

The agency shared via a statement on March 18 that Byungchan’s symptoms from the herniated disc in his neck have worsened, making it difficult for him to continue promotions.

They wrote, “As he strongly desired to take part in promotions, he has been participating in VICTON’s comeback schedule, however during his visit to the hospital today (March 18) he was told by the specialist that it seems he requires sufficient rest.”

“Byungchan will not be participating in any of VICTON’s future sixth mini album promotions, and he will be taking time to focus on his recovery,” the agency went on to say. They apologized to fans and promised to keep Byungchan’s recovery as their top priority.

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Updated March 11 KST:

VICTON’s agency has released an official statement updating fans on Byungchan’s current health state and whether he will be taking part in the group’s promotions for their new album “Continuous.”

Play M Entertainment’s statement reads as follows:

Hello. This is Play M Entertainment.

This is an announcement about VICTON member Byungchan’s health and plans regarding promotional activities for [the group’s] sixth mini album.

Byungchan visited the hospital last week after experiencing greater pain in his neck than usual while practicing for the upcoming comeback. He was diagnosed with a more severe case of a herniated disc in his neck as well as radiculopathy (pinched nerve).

[Byungchan] was determined to continue promoting, and in order to focus on recovering in the initial stages [of the condition], Byungchan went through a surgical procedure (percutaneous epidural neuroplasty in the cervical spine) on March 10.

He has been resting and monitoring his health state, but he should not perform choreography on stage or move excessively for the meantime to recover fully.

Therefore, placing our artist’s [health] condition as our top priority, we inform you that Byungchan’s participation in promotional activities or performances will be decided on flexibly depending on his health state.

We promise that we will do our best for the recovery and maintenance of Byungchan’s health so that he can healthily stand in front of fans.

We ask fans for their understanding. Thank you.

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Original Article:

VICTON’s Byungchan will perform while seated during the group’s comeback showcase tonight (March 9).

On March 9, Play M Entertainment uploaded a statement on the group’s official fan café explaining that Byungchan was diagnosed with a herniated disc in his neck. Read the full statement below:


This is Play M Entertainment.

This is an announcement regarding VICTON’s comeback showcase for their sixth mini album that is scheduled for this evening as well as member Byungchan’s health.

Byungchan visited the hospital last week after experiencing growing pain in his neck while practicing for the upcoming comeback. He was diagnosed with a more severe case of a herniated disc in his neck, a condition he had been carefully keeping an eye on.

While it will not be excessively strenuous for him to carry out promotional activities for the album if he receives treatment at the hospital at the same time, the doctor has advised him to be careful during the initial stages of the more severe symptoms. Therefore, Byungchan will perform seated during the comeback showcase for VICTON’s sixth album “Continuous” that is scheduled for 8 p.m. KST tonight.

We ask fans who have been waiting to see [VICTON’s] new performance through the comeback showcase for their understanding. We will do our best to ensure that Byungchan’s condition does not worsen and that he maintains his health well so that he can carry out the comeback showcase and other activities for the album.

Thank you.

We wish Byungchan a speedy recovery!

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