VIXX’s Ravi Shows Generosity To Students Who Accidentally Damaged His Porsche

VIXX’s Ravi has recently garnered attention for his kind act in an accident.

On March 11, one anonymous student (hereafter referred to as “A”) shared a post on an online community.

“A” shared, “My girlfriend and I were playing on electric scooters when we accidentally dented a car next to us. While trying to come up with a solution, a man came over and asked us if we were okay. We exchanged numbers and parted ways. But when I checked the car, it was a Porsche, so I felt dizzy.” “A” and his girlfriend were worried about the amount they would have to pay.

“A” continued, “I didn’t realize it because I was caught up in the accident, but when I got a text message [from the car owner], it turned out that he was VIXX’s Ravi. I am grateful that he just let it go, but I am not at ease. The car looked very expensive, and it wouldn’t have been so easy to just gloss over it. I am so sorry and grateful that I hope Ravi’s generosity will be shared widely.”

“A” revealed the contents of his text message with Ravi. “A” said, “Hello, are you the owner of the Porsche? I’m the person responsible for the electric scooter accident. I am contacting you because I have some questions to ask. Has something like this ever happened before? If so, how much was the repair cost? If the cost is high, I would need some time to prepare before I can pay for your damages. Please contact me when you have the chance.”

In response, Ravi sent, “Yes, hello! I hope that you weren’t hurt too badly. You must have been even more shocked because of the dent in the car. It seemed like you are both students, and it was an honest accident that happened while you were having a good time, so you don’t have to worry about the repair cost! I’ll just take care of it. Electric scooters can be dangerous, so please be careful. It would be enough for me if you could just show more love toward Ravi and GROOVL1N.”

Jellyfish Entertainment looked into the matter and confirmed it is true. When interviewed about why he was so lenient with the accident, Ravi explained, “They reminded me of my younger sister who is around the same age as them, so I didn’t charge them for repairs. I thought it wasn’t a big deal, but thank you for the interest.”

He added, “However, instead of paying attention to my minor action right now, I just hope everyone can help each other out to overcome these difficult times due to coronavirus (COVID-19).”

Ravi recently released his first solo full solo album “EL DORADO” and is starring in variety shows such as “2 Days and 1 Night” and “Don’t Be Jealous.”

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