SEVENTEEN Expresses Love For Their Fellow Members: “We Were Lucky To Meet Each Other”

In a recent interview and pictorial for High Cut magazine, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, The8, Hoshi, and Vernon shared some heartwarming thoughts on their teamwork and close bond.

While speaking about their experience during their recent “Ode to You” world tour, The8 remarked, “Maybe it’s because we were able to meet more of our fans during this tour, but it definitely gave me the urge to work even harder, so that we can repay them with great songs and performances.”

“I think it was a tour that made all the members feel happier and learn a lot,” he continued. “It was helpful to us in many different ways.”

When asked what they considered the secret to their impressive teamwork, the four SEVENTEEN members unanimously replied, “Luck.”

Mingyu went on to explain, “If we had met people with energies that didn’t go well with each other, we wouldn’t have been compatible no matter how much of an effort we made. I think that the thirteen of us are really compatible personality-wise. Of course, part of that is because we took the time to get used to each other, but the fact that we were able to get used to each other over time is because we were lucky enough to meet great bandmates.”

He added, “We already figured out long ago what kind of people all of us are, what we have to do in order to make each other feel better, how to not upset each other.”

Vernon chimed in, “The fact that we give each other a sense of belonging is, in itself, a huge source of strength.”

Looking ahead to their future as a group, Hoshi shared, “I want to age gracefully. The way I imagine myself and SEVENTEEN aging is that as we get older and as time passes, we’ll become even cooler and look even better in suits.”

As for how he imagined SEVENTEEN five years from now, Hoshi commented, “I don’t think our energy will change. I think we’ll stay the same.”

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