Choi Jong Hoon Admits To Spreading Illegally-Taken Footage And Denies Attempted Bribery + Prosecution Demands Prison Sentence

Regarding Choi Jong Hoon’s alleged bribery during a drunk driving incident back in 2016, prosecutors are recommending a prison sentence upon conviction.

At the trial that took place on March 18 at the Seoul Central District Court, the prosecution recommended a sentence of one year and six months for the crime of bribery. If convicted in addition to his other charges, he would face additional penalties of being a registered sex offender, required to complete a sex offender reformation program, and be bare from working in institutes related to children and adolescents for five years.

The police previously booked Choi Jong Hoon for offering 2 million won (approximately $1,778) to the officer on the scene at the time to cover up his drunk driving incident in 2016. He was also charged with sharing illegally filmed footage.

In response to the recommendation, Choi Jong Hoon’s lawyer stated, “He denies the allegations of bribery, but has admitted his guilt to the remaining charges. The allegations are untrue and we intend to contest the bribery charges.”

“Please consider that the amount of money was actually very small and that there was no recognition of bribery (at the time), even if there was a crime,” the lawyer added.

The lawyer admitted Choi Jong Hoon’s guilt to the charges of sharing illegally-filmed footage and asked the court to “consider the fact that he did not show the victims’ faces” in the footage.

Choi Jong Hoon expressed, “I deeply regret my foolish behavior and I accept my punishment for it. If and when I return to society, I will help my community not as a celebrity but as an ordinary man.”

Choi Jong Hoon’s sentence for the charges of attempted bribery and spreading illegally-taken footage will be announced on the afternoon of March 27.

Previously, Choi Jong Hoon was sentenced, alongside Jung Joon Young, to five years in prison after being convicted of charges of aggravated rape.

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