FTISLAND’s Minhwan Writes To Fans From Military

FTISLAND’s Minhwan wrote his first letter to fans from the millitary!

On March 18, FNC Entertainment shared a handwritten letter from Minhwan, following his enlistment on February 24.

The letter reads:

To Primadonna, who I miss,

Hello, this is 99th recruit Choi Minhwan!

I felt like I wasn’t able to properly speak to you before I enlisted in the training center so that’s been weighing on my mind, but now I’m writing a letter to you like this!

You’re all doing well, right? I’m doing very well!

I think that I’m better fitted for the military than I’d expected! Since I’ve only ever been the youngest member in our group, I’m having a fun time being the eldest here.

I’m curious too about news of what’s going on in the outside world!

Time will go by faster than we fear, so everyone please stay healthy, and I’ll see you soon on stage once again!

I’ll do well here! Don’t worry!

I miss you all and love you. Hang in there!

Minhwan and Yulhee recently became parents of three children after welcoming twin daughters. Minhwan is currently taking part in five-week basic training in the military. After this, he will serve as a reserve soldier, meaning that he will commute from home.

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