Jang Nara, Go Joon, Park Byung Eun, And Jung Gun Joo Hold Script Reading For Upcoming Rom-Com

tvN’s upcoming romantic comedy drama “Oh My Baby” has released photos from its first script reading.

“Oh My Baby” tells the story of a 39-year-old woman who wants to have a child without getting married. Just when she gives up on love, three men walk into her life. It is written by Noh Sun Jae (“Mirror of the Witch“) and directed by Nam Gi Hoon (“Voice Season 3,” “Beauty Inside,” “Tunnel“).

Jang Nara, Go Joon, Park Byung Eun, and Jung Gun Joo make up the principal cast. Supporting actors include Jang Kwang, Kim Hye Ok, Kim Jae Hwa, Son Eun Seo, Park Soo Ah (formerly known as After School’s Lizzy), Yoo Seung Mok, Jun Jin Gi, Jo Hee Bong, Lee Mi Do, Wang Ji Hye, and Kim Jung Hwa.

At the script reading, director Nam Gi Hoon said, “I aim to make a fun drama that can be relatable to viewers by telling the realistic stories and concerns of women that we didn’t know before.” Screenwriter Noh Sun Jae added, “It is a story about finding your own happiness instead of trying to live up to society’s standards.”

Jang Nara plays Jang Ha Ri, the deputy department head at a parenting magazine. The actress said, “She is a very cheerful character who is also honest and doesn’t hide what she thinks or feels. The story is about awkward adults trying to find their individual happiness. I think many people can relate to stories about marriage, love, and pregnancy. There will be times when you get emotional, but there are also a lot of comic scenes, so you can watch without feeling pressured.”

Go Joon plays freelance photographer Han Yi Sang, who is a firm believer in the single life. Park Byung Eun plays Yoon Jae Young, a close friend of Jang Ha Ri, who woke up one day to suddenly find himself a single father. Jung Gun Joo plays Choi Kang Eu Tteum, a new employee at the parenting magazine whose innocence leads him in interesting directions.

Jang Kwang plays President Jo, Kim Hye Ok plays Lee Ok Ran, Kim Jae Hwa plays Shin Jung Hwa, Son Eun Seo plays Kang Mok Young, Park Soo Ah (Lizzy) plays Choi Hyo Joo, Yoo Seung Mok plays Kim Chul Joong, Jun Jin Gi plays Department Head Lee, Jo Hee Bong plays Nam Soo Chul, Lee Mi Do plays Kim Eun Young, Wang Ji Hye plays Seo Jung Won, and Kim Jung Hwa plays Jung In Ah.

The “Oh My Baby” production staff released a statement that said, “Jang Nara, Go Joon, Park Byung Eun, and Jung Gun Joo synchronized perfectly with their characters. The atmosphere at the script reading was cheerful thanks to their passion. Through the chemistry of these four actors, a production that people can relate to and laugh will be born. Please look forward to it.”

“Oh My Baby” will premiere sometime in May after the end of “Memorist.”

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