Watch: Kim Myung Soo Is Jealous Of Shin Ye Eun And Seo Ji Hoon’s Relationship In “Meow The Secret Boy” Preview

KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “Meow the Secret Boy” has released a new teaser!

“Meow the Secret Boy” will tell the story of Hong Jo (Kim Myung Soo), a cat who can transform into a man, and Kim Sol Ah (Shin Ye Eun), a woman who has puppy-like charms.

The teaser begins with Hong Jo as a human narrating, “I had that dream again. In that memory, I…” and the scene cuts off to showing him transformed into a white cat. Meanwhile, outside the window, Kim Sol Ah passes by without having noticed anything strange.

As snow falls, Kim Sol Ah encounters Lee Jae Sun (Seo Ji Hoon) who is holding onto a white cat while crying because of his cat allergy. Frustrated with him, Kim Sol Ah returns home with the cat, telling Hong Jo, “Don’t enjoy this. I’m just making a sacrifice for a little bit,” while paying no attention to him.

Hong Jo appears again in his human form while looking dejected. He says, “I’m not even human,” prompting Go Min Joong (Jeon Bae Soo) to ask, “Then, what? Are you a cat?” Hong Jo responds sorrowfully, “Yes.”

Furthermore, Hong Jo continues to look sad and wistful while watching Kim Sol Ah and Lee Jae Sun from afar as they share a moment in the rain beneath an umbrella. Hong Jo’s voice narrates, “If it’s about this distance, I should be able to stay by your side,” drawing excitement about the upcoming love triangle.

“Meow the Secret Boy” premieres on March 25 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available with English subtitles on Viki.

Watch the teaser below!

Take a look at another teaser on Viki below!

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