Celebrities Mourn The Passing Of Moon Ji Yoon

Many celebrities paid their respects to Moon Ji Yoon after the actor passed away on March 18 from acute septicemia (blood poisoning).

Ha Jae Sook wrote on Instagram, “Ji Yoon, who knew nothing when you first started out on television…you took care of me, worried about me, and drank with me. I hope you’ll be comfortable and won’t be in pain in heaven. Let’s meet again while smiling in the distant future. I hope you’ll fly around freely like the picture you drew me for my wedding. Thank you and I’m so sorry. I really don’t want to say this, it still doesn’t feel real, but rest in peace.”

Oh Ji Eun wrote, “Actor Moon Ji Yoon who portrayed my ex-husband in ‘Golden Garden.’ I feel lost after hearing such shocking news today. I express my condolences and pray that God will be with you. We will forever cherish your amazing acting in our hearts. I would like to send comfort and support to his family and everyone who loved him. Rest in peace, Moon Ji Yoon.”

Shin Ji Soo said, “Goodbye Moon Ji Yoon. You really are something even when you leave. I guess that’s why we were friends. It’s even more shocking because we met up recently, but I’m glad that we at least saw each other two weeks ago. Don’t worry and goodbye!”

Shin So Yul wrote, “I’m sending comfort and support to his family and everyone who spent valuable time with him. He was always a kind and good person. I went to pay my final respects, but it still doesn’t feel real. Thank you, Ji Yoon. I was happy that I met you. All of us will remember you for a long time. Rest comfortably.”

Park Hae Jin previously worked with Moon Ji Yoon in the “Cheese in the Trap” tvN drama and film. Park Hae Jin said to outlet SpoTVNews, “He’s an actor who’s the same age as me and we first met through the ‘Cheese in the Trap’ drama. We weren’t close enough to call each other, but he was someone who was quiet and was good at doing his work. I’ll forever remember him as a hardworking, talented actor. I pray that you’ll be comfortable in a good place. You worked hard.”

Lee Ki Woo starred in the 2004 film “Spin Kick” with Moon Ji Yoon. About his co-star’s passing, Lee Ki Woo wrote, “Ji Yoon…I still vividly remember how we met 16 years ago and worked hard together. Why did you have to rush and go even before that memory faded? It’s so unlike you. Actor Ji Yoon whose great, pure passion shined. I can’t believe it, I really can’t believe it. I’m expressing my condolences for good actor Moon Ji Yoon whom we should remember.”

Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan also worked with Moon Ji Yoon in the film “Spin Kick.” He wrote, “You disappeared like a lie.”

Director Byun Sung Hyun who worked with Moon Ji Yoon in films “Whatcha Wearin’?” and “The Merciless” shared his thoughts. He said, “You were hopeless at sweet talk and just worked at the jobs you were given. I felt sorry for you, but also liked that about you because you weren’t someone who was ashamed of himself. I thought that Moon Ji Yoon is a weak person, so I said harsh things and was disappointed, but in retrospect, you were a brave person who could show your vulnerable side. ‘When will we see each other?’ ‘Let’s figure out a time and meet up.’ I regret this. I’m sorry. Unlike you’d hoped, Moon Ji Yoon might not be a famous star who remains in many people’s memories. But everyone who knew you is certain that Moon Ji Yoon was a good person. Honesty, justice, warmth. A good person is much more valuable than a good actor.”

Lee Sang Yoon and Moon Ji Yoon were teammates on a celebrity basketball team. Lee Sang Yoon said, “Ji Yoon who was more mature and detailed than anyone else. He lent a hand to those who were quietly having a hard time and I know that he also suffered due to this attention to detail that gave strength to others. I hope you’ll be comfortable in heaven. Rest in peace, Moon Ji Yoon.”

Kim Bo Mi wrote, “It feels like yesterday when you said that you felt healing while drawing. My heart hurts so much and is breaking. Don’t be in pain where you are now.”

Kim San Ho said, “Rest in a comfortable place, Ji Yoon.”

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Choi Hyun Ho wrote, “Ji Yoon, rest comfortably there. Don’t feel stressed and do everything you wanted to do there. Rest in peace, Moon Ji Yoon. I hope you’ll rest comfortably.”

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