TVXQ’s Yunho Reveals How Exercising Has Changed Him, His Dream As An Artist, And More

GQ has released their athletic photo shoot with TVXQ’s Yunho!

The charismatic photos show Yunho passionately immersed in various workouts, showing off his toned body and ease with looking incredible even while in action.

Last year, Yunho took to his social media to announce that he was beginning to work out. When asked what the most noticeable transformation of his body was, Yunho answered, “Even if people say promoting on stage is endured through one’s mentality, you can’t do anything about your recovery time slowing down with time. However, I don’t know if it’s my muscular strength or elasticity that’s improved, but a lot of the physical consequences of promoting have gone down. I’ve always kept the saying ‘Nothing lasts forever. However, you can protect forever’ in my heart, and I am experiencing the reality of this exact phrase by exercising.”

Regarding his routine, Yunho explained, “I work out more than four times a week and always start on an empty stomach. If I ate dinner the night before, I do not eat the next day until I work out at 1:00 in the afternoon. I can feel my blood circulating quicker and the toxins being released. After I work out, I eat whatever I want.”

Sixteen years into his debut with TVXQ, Yunho was asked if he finds it awkward being referred to as an idol. He replied, “Not at all. It literally means being an ‘idol.’ I don’t think that the term only applies to young singers. If you can portray your values on stage and pose a positive influence on the public, I think you are forever an idol. I hope I can be called an idol even after I turn 60, just like Michael Jackson, who remained an idol after he turned 50.”

When asked how he’s changed from when he first made his debut, Yunho shared, “Back then, I thought the image I portrayed through music was everything. That’s why I only thought, ‘I want to be good at singing’ and ‘I want to be good at dancing.’ As I became more famous, I began to think more about the responsibility I held as someone whose value of existence was reflected by the public. I became more of a public figure both as Yunho and as a member of TVXQ. I thought about what sides of myself people liked and how I could go beyond everyone’s expectations. After that, I became more comfortable mentally. I became much more honest and could show myself as I am. That was also the image that fans wanted to see.”

The interviewer also asked, “Do you have any regrets about promoting as a singer ever since you were a teen?” Yunho responded, “I think every celebrity will relate. Wherever I go, I get noticed and receive help from staff members, so I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to do things on my own. There have been many times where experiences normal to others are special to me. But I’ve decided to think about it positively. As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized that there’s so much more to experience than I had thought. There are priceless moments like spending time with friends that I don’t want to miss, so I try to differentiate the lives of U-Know Yunho and Jung Yunho. That’s why I still have lots of friends who are not celebrities.”

Regarding his childhood dream, Yunho shared, “My childhood dream was to be an inspector. I thought there was nothing cooler than achieving justice. Realistically, I probably would’ve just become a regular person.”

Lastly, when asked if he has a dream he wants to fulfill as an artist, he explained, “Before it’s too late, I want to create a show under my name. Something that’s more sturdy and comprehensive than a concert. Although I like large and extravagant performances, I want to stand in front of an audience with a tight program that tells a story. I’m thinking about ways to intelligently represent why that person sings like that, or why they picked that song to sing. In conclusion, I’d be beautifully showing a universe I’ve created, representative of U-Know Yunho.”

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