BTOB Thanks Fans With Handwritten Letters On 8th Anniversary Of Their Debut

BTOB expressed love for their fans with heartfelt letters commemorating the 8th anniversary of their debut.

On March 21, the group celebrated their 8th debut anniversary by sharing photos of each member’s handwritten letter to Melody (BTOB’s official fandom).

Hyunsik wrote, “I can’t believe it’s already Melody and BTOB’s 8th anniversary! I feel so grateful that you’re always by my side. Even though [eight years] may feel like a long time, it’s short compared to how long our future will be. Let’s knock down 8 [into an infinity symbol] and love each other infinitely. I love you, Melody!”

Peniel wrote, “I feel sad that we can’t see each other as a whole group on our 8th anniversary. Thank you so much for waiting, and I’m so sorry that all I can do is ask that you wait a little bit longer. Please make sure to wash your hands and wear a mask when you go outside. Thank you always, and I love you.”

Ilhoon wrote, “I feel so grateful and happy that you’ve been with us for the long duration of eight years. However, I believe that this isn’t even half of the time we’ll spend together in the future. Love you always.”

Yook Sungjae wrote, “It’s already been eight years… can we now call BTOB a group that’s been around for a long time? Hehe. Our Melody have also become a fan club that’s been around for a while. Let’s continue to be together for a long time like a pair of long-lived beetles. YeJiApSa.” (YeJiApSa is an abbreviation that BTOB members use with their fans that means, “I loved you then, I love you now, and I will continue to love you in the future.”)

Eunkwang wrote, “Hello Melody! First of all, eight years! Sincere congratulations, pride, gratitude, joy…It’s a day on which I feel overwhelmed with many complicated feelings! Although I can’t participate in the live broadcast, I hope my heart can still reach you! Thank you always, and I love you! I’ll create a happy 2020 for you! Soon! I love you, Melody!”

Eunkwang also posted a selfie and a second letter on his personal Instagram account.

In his second letter, he wrote, “Hi! To my people, whom I miss and love so, so much! Our eighth anniversary! I sincerely congratulate and thank you! Thank you so, so much for being with BTOB during these long eight years! Looking back even now, they were a continuum of truly precious and unforgettable times of being joyful together, sad together, and happy together. You know the saying, ‘Love lives on with memories?’ I think that our story over these eight long years serves as a huge source of strength and memories for me as I go on living! I hope it’ll be the same for all of you… haha.

“Just as we’ve done until now, let’s do a good job of overcoming this together until BTOB reunites as a full group again! (I’m one of the people sincerely waiting for BTOB as a whole group.) And I’ll sincerely pray with my whole heart for all of us to live and be together for a long, long time! Our Melody! Thank you always, and thank you again. I sincerely love you! Goodbye for now…”

Minhyuk wrote, “Hi everyone! It’s Minhyuk! I’m writing in celebration of our eighth anniversary. What do you think? Doesn’t this stationery feel fresh and remind you of spring? Like how we first met in the spring, I tried to capture the heart-fluttering feelings of the season.”

He continued, “Eight years… It feels really amazing and surprising! I feel like it’s only been about three or four years. Time really flies by, right? Not just the older members, but even the youngest members who were teenagers are now in their mid-20s. And during that time, you guys were always by our side. I just feel so, so thankful. BTOB will continue to be one with you as we move forward together, with good music and good projects to repay you for your love. We’re already one, right? I want to love you forever with the same mindset that we had in the beginning. BTOB and Melody’s eighth anniversary. Let’s be happy forever!

“Aside from the anniversary of our debut, it’s a difficult time these days for many people due to the [COVID-19] epidemic. Everyone, be careful, and let’s overcome this together! As everyone knows, Eunkwang and Changsub will return soon. After working hard a bit longer, I’ll soon return as well, so let’s fight through this difficult time by imagining happy things like this!

“Finally! Please love BTOB a lot, just as you have always done, and you are also receiving lots of love from BTOB! You’ll have to wait a little until the day that all seven members of BTOB reunite, but it’s really be a little compared to the eight years that we’ve spent together!

“If there isn’t a greater expression than I love you, than I’ll say it more often. I love you, Melody. Thank you again today, Melody. I love you again today, Melody. From Officer Minhyuk, commemorating BTOB and Melody’s eighth anniversary.”

Changsub, who was unable to write his letter by hand due to circumstances outside his control, wrote, “Hello Melody. It’s Changsub. Is everyone well? I’m doing very well. I made many new friends and am experiencing many new things I couldn’t in my ordinary life, so every day feels new. I hope that every day also feels new for Melody!

“It’s already been eight years since we met. It’s fascinating how quickly time flies by. But because the time that flew by was packed with times I spent with Melody, it was a happy eight years. Let’s be together until we celebrate our 80th anniversary.”

He continued, “Why am I speaking in this kind of tone? Anyway, living as a soldier right now is making me think about so many things. I’m remembering so many memories, from the day we first debuted until now, and I am really looking forward to the future that awaits both me and us. Even while writing this letter, I’m imagining what it will be like when we reunite again. For me, the past eight years were a time of training, a time of joy, and happy days. Even after I return to Melody, I’m still going to train, spend joyful time with Melody, and fill each day with happiness. I hope that these eight years were also joyful, happy times for Melody too. I hope that the time you spent with us wasn’t wasted.”

He concluded, “When we meet again, I’ll work hard to fill Melody with even happier times than the past eight years. While waiting, let’s prepare to see each other again as an even better BTOB’s Lee Changsub and Melody who have gotten even cooler! I’m so curious about how you’ve been doing, so please tell me once I’m discharged.

“Another thing! I’m sure these are very difficult, frustrating times because of COVID-19, but let’s try to fight to overcome this for each other! Let’s do this! I sincerely congratulate you once again on our eighth anniversary, and Changsub will see you in August! Be well until then! Yay for our eighth year! YeJiApSa! Goodbye!”

BTOB also released a special video celebrating their 8th anniversary earlier this week.

Congratulations to BTOB on the 8th anniversary of their debut!

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