Update: More Celebs Voice Support For Petitions To Reveal “Nth Room” Sexual Exploitation Case Suspects’ Identities

Updated March 23 KST:

More celebrities have expressed their support for government petitions asking the police to reveal the identities of the suspects behind the “Nth Room” sexual exploitation case as well as the users of those “Nth Rooms” (scroll down to original article for an explanation of the case).

Former Wonder Girls member Hyerim shared a screenshot of a petition on her Instagram Stories and wrote, “I have no words,” with the hashtag, “All of you who were in the chatrooms are perpetrators.”

Eric Nam wrote on his own Stories, “Something like this can never happen again.”

On his Instagram Stories, 2PM’s Junho wrote, “I wanted to keep [my Instagram] as a personal space where I share happiness, and that’s why I never shared any of my personal opinions and plan not to do so in the future. However, regarding the ‘Telegram Nth Rooms’ and the related suspects, I believe there must be a definite punishment for them. I also think that many people should show interest and awareness about this issue so that secondary diffusion [of the footage] and crimes like these do not happen again. I am anticipating proper results that focus on the essence of this case.”

EXO’s Baekhyun and Chanyeol, Hash Swan, Ahn Bo Hyun, former INFINITE member Hoya, CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa, Giriboy, Song Gun Hee, Jung Ryeo Won, former Secret member Jun Hyosung, Baek A Yeon, and many more celebrities also showed support for the petitions by sharing links to them on their social media accounts.

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Original Article:

Celebrities aren’t hesitating to express their anger at the perpetrators who operated and participated in a pornography ring referred to as “Nth Rooms” that subjected victims to sexual exploitation and assault.

Suspects Cho and others allegedly lured women, some who are minors, with part-time job offers and gift certificates and eventually blackmailed them into creating and sending pornographic videos of themselves. The suspects shared the videos through chatrooms on the encrypted instant messaging service Telegram in return for cryptocurrency payments. On March 20, the cyber safety department of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency arrested one of the main perpetrators Cho, who went by the nickname “Doctor.” Thirteen accomplices were also arrested, and four of them were imprisoned.

When the crimes became widely known, the public was outraged and began government petitions asking the police to reveal the faces and personal information of the operators of the “Nth Rooms” and the users who participated in them.

Ha Yeon Soo and Son Soo Hyun posted about the case on their Instagram accounts. Ha Yeon Soo said, “I didn’t personally experience it. Even so, this is not something to overlook. So, I kept going back and forth between the anger and fear that erupted with considerable shock about the ‘Nth Room.’ Then I suddenly wanted to write after a long time, so I’m writing a few words.”

Vowing to spread awareness, she continued, “Child rape is bad enough, but I can’t believe they’re insulting the acquaintances. They deserve severe punishment and condemnation. It’s not only the innocent women who are victims. Privilege and pressure gave rise to countless scapegoats and led to twisted pleasures and hatred. In the end, the victims, their families, and their acquaintances all became victims.” She deleted the post later and uploaded a screenshot of a petition on Change.org on her Instagram Stories.

Son Soo Hyun stated, “If such unethical behavior ends with just a few years in prison, I really won’t hold myself back. Reveal their personal information and [reveal their faces in front of the press]. We should catch all of the participants and shame them so they won’t be able to go into society. I can’t help but say terrible things.”

EXID’s LE posted a screenshot of the petition and wrote in red words, “Does this make any sense…? I’m so furious. It doesn’t take long. Please sign it.”

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri also posted a screen capture of the petition, saying, “I’m feeling beyond furious; I’m frightened. I really hope they’ll get severely punished.”

Girl’s Day Sojin uploaded a photo of the petition and said, “How can the world be like this?”

VIXX’s Ravi shared a screenshot of the petition along with the words, “I don’t want the people I love to live in such a frightening world.”

Se So Neon’s Hwang So Yoon said, “Take notice of the ‘Nth Room’ case, where 260,000 men enslaved young women using Telegram. After Cho, a key suspect, was caught by the police, Korea was in a hurry to cover up his face instead of revealing his personal information or [showing his face in front of the press]. Make sure you look it up and see how disgusting and violent this society is. How hegemonic they all are.”

Other celebrities who showed support for the petition are Moon Ga Young, Baek Yerin, Lady Jane, Kwon Jung Ryul, Simon Dominic, Rhythm Power, Geegooin, Huckleberry P, Palo Alto, Yoo Seung Woo, Soran’s Go Young Bae, 2AM’s Jo Kwon, Don Spike, former MOMOLAND member Yeonwoo and more.

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