Lee Kwang Soo Comments On Returning To “Running Man” After Injury + Expresses Love For The Show

Lee Kwang Soo is back on “Running Man”!

On the March 22 episode, the cast participated in a race along with Lee Kwang Soo who returned after recovering from a fractured ankle following a car accident. Lee Kwang Soo began, “I wanted to come to the set so badly. Thank you for worrying about me and waiting for me.”

Kang Daniel, actresses Lee Il Hwa, Hwang Young Hee, and comedienne Park Mi Sun joined the cast in this race where they had to hit their opponent’s back with a slipper and the person whose nametag was hit then got more rice cake in their basket. Lee Kwang Soo, Kang Daniel, Jun So Min, and Hwang Young Hee competed in the race as one family. Instead of running, Lee Kwang Soo participated by cutting rice cake.

Hwang Young Hee’s clumsiness led to more rice cakes for Lee Kwang Soo’s team while Yoo Jae Suk‘s team got the chance to earn more rice cake thanks to Kang Daniel’s hard work. Lee Kwang Soo poured all of his energy into cutting the rice cake and made everyone laugh as he tried to cut the most amount of rice cakes as fast as possible to get revenge on Yoo Jae Suk, even resorting to cutting rice cake with his teeth.

Yoo Jae Suk was shocked after seeing the amount of cut rice cakes in his basket. Despite all of this, Lee Kwang Soo’s team was still a strong contender for last place. Ji Suk Jin then told Lee Kwang Soo, “I have Jun So Min‘s name tag so betray her if you don’t want to be in last place.”

As soon as he heard this, Lee Kwang Soo worked harder at the task at hand. He told Ji Suk Jin, “Run away from Jun So Min as much as possible.” Once she got wind of this, Jun So Min called him out for betraying their team and chased after Ji Suk Jin. Lee Kwang Soo commented, “I didn’t know just cutting rice cake would be this fun. It feels as if I’m really alive.”

In the end, they weighed each person’s rice cake basket and Jun So Min was chosen as the person to receive punishment which was to get a cup of water thrown at her. Yang Se Chan began pouring water into plastic cups for her punishment and asked Lee Kwang Soo if he should pour more. Lee Kwang Soo answered yes and Jun So Min splashed Lee Kwang Soo’s face with water from a water bottle.

With a smile, Lee Kwang Soo said, “It really feels like I’m at ‘Running Man’ now.” The mothers then congratulated Lee Kwang Soo on his comeback by pretending to throw water at Jun So Min and splashing Lee Kwang Soo’s face instead.

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