Sung Hoon Says He’s Not Ready For Marriage Yet + Explains His Embrace With Park Na Rae At Entertainment Awards

Sung Hoon got candid about romance and his love life.

On March 22, the actor’s latest interview to promote his upcoming film “Are You in Love” was published.

This romantic comedy centers around a mysterious book that offers the answers to all questions about love and changes the fate of two young people who come across this book.

“I don’t have any desire to date or get married,” began Sung Hoon. “I’ve become used to living alone.”

When the interviewer reacted with surprise after hearing this, he explained, “[Marriage] is an open ending. Honestly, I don’t feel confident about living well after getting married. If I get married, I want to live for the rest of my life with one person, but I think I’m going to get divorced at least once if I was to get married right now.” He added, “I don’t think positively or negatively about marriage, but I tend to think seriously about marriage.”

Earlier this year, Sung Hoon was wrapped up in dating rumors with fellow “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”) cast member Park Na Rae, and the rumors spread even more after he replied, “No comment,” during a YouTube interview.

He said, “People around me keep asking as well, but what’s false is false. Park Na Rae is the first person I became close with on ‘Home Alone,’ so I also try to take good care of her. I think it may have appeared that way because that’s what aired, but we’re really not dating.”

About his hug with Park Na Rae after she won the Grand Prize at the 2019 MBC Entertainment Awards, Sung Hoon said, “That hug was something that I had thought about for a year. After Lee Young Ja won the Grand Prize (at the 2018 MBC Entertainment Awards), I really wanted to give Na Rae a hug if she was to win the Grand Prize.”

In “Are You in Love,” Sung Hoon portrays a cold-hearted café master named Seung Jae. Some critics commented that Seung Jae lacked adult emotions, pointing out how he yelled at the female lead in order to forcibly receive a response to his confession. “I thought that it was something that could be laughed off as comedy when filming, but I think it’s slightly risky now,” said Sung Hoon. “But those who watch the film will learn that this character is soft-hearted. Please look at him as a character that’s awkward at expressing himself.”

While promoting for 10 years as an actor, Sung Hoon has been building his filmography with various projects. After stating that he watched the film for the first time at the press conference on March 17, he continued, “I gained confidence that I will be able to act better in the future. I felt uncomfortable in front of the camera, but I got used to the camera and met many people while appearing on variety shows, which have helped me act. I’m honing my skills now.”

When asked if he felt disappointed about the emphasis on his looks, Sung Hoon replied, “I think that people have unique tastes, seeing how people like my everyday appearance. But I’m able to make a living thanks to those people.”

Sung Hoon’s natural appearance gained him fans as well as an award at last year’s entertainment awards. “I feel embarrassed,” he said. “I never thought that I got an award because I have good skills as an entertainer. I think they were taking care of me as a fixed cast member on a good program.”

Variety shows, however, are also viewed as something that may not work in the favor of actors whose job is to transform into new characters for new projects. “I think it depends on how you think about it,” he said. “Some actors complain about it, but I believe that audience members who watch something because it’s a good project will watch the character without connecting it to my image on variety shows.”

“Are You in Love” wrapped filming in 2017 and is awaiting its March 25 premiere. After three years, the premiere is now facing the difficulty of premiering during the COVID-19 pandemic as many people are staying home to practice social distancing. Sung Hoon concluded, “I didn’t know that the film would premiere. I thought that it might not be able to premiere since it’s been three years. Because of current events, it’s a difficult situation to even ask people to come watch the film. Please wear masks and gloves if you happen to come to watch it.”

“Are You in Love” premieres on March 25 and will be available on Viki!

In the meantime, check out the latest episode of “Home Alone” below:

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