“Beautiful Love Wonderful Life” Cast Says Farewell To Viewers After Drama Comes To An End

KBS 2TV’s “Beautiful Love Wonderful Life” continued its streak of high viewership ratings up until the very end.

Following the drama’s conclusion on March 22, the actors shared some words of farewell and gratitude to the viewers.

Jo Yoon Hee, who played Kim Seol Ah, shared through her agency, “I would sincerely like to say thank you to all of those who loved ‘Beautiful Love Wonderful Life.’ I was happy to be working with my respected sunbaes (actors with more experience) as well as my amazing colleagues and hoobaes (actors with less experience). And I’d like to once again thank the staff who worked hard with us until the end.”

Kim Jae Young, who took on the role of Goo Jun Hwi, thanked viewers, cast, and crew, and said, “It was my first time in a long drama like this, so I had been worried before we had started filming. When filming began, I learned a lot on set, and the people around me helped me a lot, so I was able to safely make it to the end. The 50 episodes (hour-long episodes) felt both long and short. It was a meaningful time during which I was able to learn a lot and grow while filming.

Seol In Ah revealed a handwritten letter that reads, “Hello. This is Seol In Ah, Chung Ah of ‘Beautiful Love Wonderful Life.’ I think I’ve grown a lot in the eight months since I met Chung Ah. Chung Ah wasn’t a character that’s just [bright and cheerful like a protagonist in a romance cartoon], and she has a complicated story to her. In order to understand and empathize with her, I had to concentrate more on studying her than I would normally, and I communicated a lot with the director and writer.” She thanked her on-screen mother Kim Mi Sook, director Han Joon Seo, her on-screen love interest Kim Jae Young, and other actors and staff members for their help and support. The actress continued, “Through Chung Ah, I was able to learn what it means to truly love and respect someone, and it was exciting that I was able to go through the strange experience of feeling sad when Chung Ah was sad and feeling happy when she was.” She concluded the letter by thanking viewers for supporting her character and the drama.

Oh Min Seok shared, “Hello, this is Oh Min Seok who played Do Jin Woo in ‘Beautiful Love Wonderful Life.’ Thank you so much for loving our drama and showing affection for the character Do Jin Woo. I will return with an even better role in an even better project. Thank you.”

Lee Tae Sun, actor of the character Kang Shi Wol, expressed, “It was a bit difficult and tiring because it was my first time in such a long-running drama, but thanks to the great sunbaes, colleagues, director, and staff, I learned a lot and filmed happily. Now, I will go back from being Kang Shi Wol to actor Lee Tae Sun and greet all of you again.”

Jo Yoo Jung played Kim Yeon Ah, the youngest daughter of her family. She said, “First of all, I want to thank the viewers for watching me though I’m an unfamiliar face and a rookie actress. The director, drama staff, my on-screen mother and father Kim Mi Sook and Park Young Gyu, and other actor sunbaes gave me courage by telling me that I can do well and cheered me on. Thanks to the warm atmosphere, I was able to act and learn a lot from my senior actors. I’ve learned what kind of mindset I should have while acting. It was a very meaningful drama for me, and I was thankful about every single moment. Yeon Ah is a playful character who is bright even in difficult situations, so I thought a lot about how to avoid making her appear detestable. I thought about what I would have done if I were Yeon Ah. Because we filmed for so long, I can’t believe that we’re saying goodbye. It really feels like I’m parting with my family and going independent, so I’m sad. I’ll do my best to show an improved version of myself. I hope that everyone will be healthy and that only happy things will come your way.”

Lastly, Ryu Ui Hyun, who took the role of Moon Pa Rang, shared, “It was my first time acting in a long-running weekend drama like this, so I was lacking in many ways. But thanks to the great sunbae actors, I was able to wrap it up well. It was a meaningful experience through which I learned and grew a lot. I thank the director and the staff who worked with us until now. It was thanks to our viewers who cheered us on from beginning to end that I was able to gain the energy to act. I’ll be back with even better acting.”

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