Yeonwoo, Shin Ah Young, Lee Da In, And More Post About Being Followed On Instagram By Main Perpetrator Of “nth Room” Sexual Abuse Case

After the identity of the main perpetrator of the Telegram “nth room” sexual abuse case was revealed to the public, many female celebrities realized that he was following their Instagram accounts.

South Korea has recently been rocked by a digital sexual abuse and sexual exploitation case known as the “nth room” case. The name refers to the fact that the perpetrators opened multiple chat rooms on the secret messaging app Telegram to distribute sexually oriented videos among a reported number of 260,000 users. The “nth room” perpetrators are accused of luring victims, including minors, into sending sexually explicit photos and videos. In some cases, this escalated to using blackmail to force victims into increasingly violent acts, including sexual assault.

The main perpetrator of the case went by the name of “Baksa” (“Doctor”). At the time of his arrest, he was only known by his surname “Cho.” After more than two million people, including prominent celebrities, supported a petition to reveal his identity to the public, the police revealed his identity as Cho Ju Bin, a 25-year-old man.

On March 24, TV personality Shin Ah Young took to Instagram to post an image with the words, “I want to throw up.” In the caption, she wrote, “One of my students contacted me for the first time in a while. They told me that an account suspected of belonging to the main operator of ‘nth room’ was following me on Instagram, and that I should block them right away. I went and checked, and it was true. I blocked them right away, but the uncomfortable feeling won’t go away.”

She continued, “When I first heard about the ‘nth room’ case on the news, I thought it was like a pitch for a movie or an urban legend. What happened to the victims, of course, but also the fact that 260,000 people – not 26 – had signed up to be in those rooms. When the photo of ‘Baksa’ was revealed yesterday, I couldn’t find a trace of his evil in his face. They say that he even did volunteer work during the day. It’s like a B-horror movie. If I feel like I’m going crazy just by knowing that he was following me, how would those young girls who were directly victimized by him feel? The attackers must absolutely be punished, but how can we heal the trauma and scars of the victims? Why is the world like this?”

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오랜만에 제자? 화니에게서 연락이 왔다. N 번방 운영자의 것으로 추정되는 인스타그램 계정이 나를 팔로잉하고 있으니 얼른 차단하라고. 들어가봤더니 진짜였다. 바로 차단했지만 찜찜한 기분은 쉽게 가시질 않네 . N번방 뉴스를 처음 접했을 영화 시나리오나 무슨 도시 괴담 같은 건 줄 알았다. 피해 내용은 물론이고, 그 방에 26만명이ㅡ26명도 아니고ㅡ "회원가입" 을 했다는 거. 그리고 어제 그 "박사"의 얼굴이 공개됐을 때, 적어도 그 사진만 봐서는 그 어떠한 악의도 찾아볼 수 없었다는 것. 낮에는 봉사활동도 했단다. 무슨 B급 호러 영화 시놉시스 같다. . 나는 그 사람이 나를 팔로잉하고 있었다는 것만으로도 소름 끼치고 미치도록 싫은데 직접적인 피해를 입은 어린 소녀들은 어떨까. 피의자들은 당연히 벌을 받아야겠지만 피해자들의 트라우마와 상처들은 어떻게 치유할 수 있을까. 진짜 세상이 왜 이런지. 참… #n번방_본사람도_가해자 #n번방_수익을_피해여성들_재활비용으로

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Kim Ha Young, an actress who appears on the MBC show “Surprise,” posted a screenshot of a direct message that a netizen had sent her. In the message, the netizen shares the account name suspected of belonging to Cho Ju Bin and recommends she block the follower right away. “I got goosebumps,” Kim Ha Young wrote. “Devils that hide in our midst with ordinary faces. I really hope he gets punished by the law. If you’re a human being, if you were born a human being, you can’t do things like this.”

Actress Lee Da In shared on Instagram Stories, “I have blocked the account suspected of belonging to Cho Ju Bin! I’m very grateful to the people who have sent me direct messages out of concern. He was indeed following me. I never even thought of this and it’s frightening. You all stayed up late worrying about me, I’m sorry that I was late in seeing your messages! Sweet dreams.”

Former MOMOLAND member and actress Yeonwoo also took to Instagram Stories to post a screenshot of a direct message sent by a concerned fan. Yeonwoo wrote in response, “Don’t worry. I blocked him. You don’t avoid dung because it’s scary. You avoid it because it’s dirty. Everyone, be careful.”

Former Jewelry member and actress Yewon shared on Stories, “Thank you to everyone who sent me DMs informing me about this! I blocked him right away!! Let’s all live in a clean world without any trash.”

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In shared a screenshot of her blocking the account on Instagram and wrote, “Okay! I blocked him, the ***** *****!!!”

Former KBS weather forecaster and TV personality Shin Ye Ji wrote on Instagram, “During the night, I received so many DMs and messages telling me that the ‘nth room’ perpetrator was following me. Nothing happened to me, and I blocked him, but as someone who volunteered as a child educator for over seven years, I am furious at this whole case. I agree that strong measures must be taken in order to severely punish the criminals and also prevent a crime like this from occurring again.”

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