ONEUS Talks About Writing Lyrics, What Fans Can Look Forward To, And Setting Happiness As Their Goal

ONEUS, who recently released the single album “IN ITS TIME,” participated in an interview with TVReport to talk about their latest comeback.

When asked about their group’s ultimate goal, ONEUS said without hesitation, “Happiness is our goal.” They added that they think happiness is making music that is unique to themselves, even if it isn’t considered “the best.”

Hwanwoong said, “I’d be really grateful if people said about us, ‘No matter what genre ONEUS tries, they bring their own style to it.’ That is the goal for this comeback. If we are able to bring out new colors in ourselves, to make music that is one-of-a-kind even if it isn’t ‘the best,’ then I think we will be able to make music happily. We will work hard until we can go abroad and proudly say, ‘Do you know ONEUS?'”

Asked to pick a key point for their new title track, “A Song Written Easily,” Leedo said, “I’d like it if people focused on the lyrics. We wrote about the many emotions that are involved in a breakup. The lyrics are easy for anyone to understand.”

Ravn said, “When we were writing the rap parts, the producer told us to make a rap that his young son could sing along to. We also participated in writing the rap for ‘Hide and Seek.’ The theme was ‘hide and seek,’ and we had a lot of fun making it. I didn’t know that the song would be included with ‘A Song Written Easily’ in the single album.”

Hwanwoong said, “We created a lot of the choreography for the title track. The most important thing about the choreography is that we portray how feelings change over time.”

Keonhee said, “We wanted to show that we are capable of diverse growth. We want to show a detailed performance that expresses the lyrics. Like the song title says, we want it to be a performance you can watch easily. Even though it wasn’t strong choreography, we put a lot of care into slowly distributing our strength through little details in the performance. This song is only complete with all six of us on stage. I hope that this will become a breakup song that feels unique to ONEUS.”

The music video for “A Song Written Easily” was filmed over four days in New Zealand. The members shared their regret that they weren’t able to travel on their own while working there, but Xion said, “The nature scenery was so beautiful that we kept saying, ‘It’s like a painting.” Hwanwoong added, “There’s a part of the choreography where we look at the sky before looking down. When we were filming that, I looked at the sky and it really felt like a dream.”

Check out the music video for “A Song Written Easily” here!

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