Im Siwan In Talks To Star As Lead Of Upcoming JTBC Drama

Im Siwan may be starring in a new drama!

On March 26, Sports Chosun reported that Im Siwan would be making his return with JTBC’s “Run On” (literal title).

Following reports, a source from Im Siwan’s agency Plum Entertainment stated, “Im Siwan has received the script for JTBC’s ‘Run On,’ and he is positively reviewing the casting offer.” The source also revealed that nothing had been decided yet regarding casting and the broadcast schedule.

“Run On” will follow the story of a past track and field athlete who becomes a sports agent. The story features Ki Sun Kyum, a man who is fated to keep running while looking forward, and Oh Mi Joo, a woman who has become accustomed to looking back all the time. As a track and field athlete, the former would end up losing the moment he looks back, while the latter has no choice but to go back to the same scene over and over again as a foreign film translator. “Run On” will portray Ki Sun Kyum and Oh Mi Joo’s story as they begin to communicate with one another.

If he accepts the offer, Im Siwan will be starring as Ki Sun Kyum, a short-distance track and field athlete of the national team. As the son of a member of the National Assembly and a top actor and the younger brother to a golf queen, Ki Sun Kyum takes on a sport he never wanted to do. However, he eventually meets someone who breaks him free.

“Run On” will be the debut project of scriptwriter Park Min Sook, who worked as an assistant writer to scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook. Other writers who have worked under scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook, such as scriptwriter Im Me Ah Ri of “Beauty Inside,” and scriptwriter Kwon Do Eun of “Search: WWW,” have all received positive reviews for their debut projects, and scriptwriter Park Min Sook is also expected to make a successful debut.

Im Siwan enlisted in the military following the drama “The King Loves” and film “The Merciless,” and he most recently starred in OCN’s “Strangers From Hell” following his discharge from the military. Viewers are already highly anticipating his next project.

In the meantime, start watching Im Siwan in “The King Loves” below!

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