Mother Of “Hi Bye, Mama” Child Actor Seo Woo Jin Addresses Comments About His Gender Identity

Seo Woo Jin’s mother has spoken up about the child actor’s female role in tvN’s “Hi Bye, Mama.”

Currently, Seo Woo Jin is playing the role of Kim Tae Hee’s daughter in the drama. Many viewers have been curious about why a boy was chosen to play the role, and the production crew explained that it is because he looks identical to Kim Tae Hee and has stable acting skills.

Despite the explanation, some viewers commented that Seo Woo Jin could become confused with his gender identity. On March 30, Seo Woo Jin’s mother responded on her Instagram account.

She started, “I can’t hold it in anymore, so I’m saying a few words. Many people are worried about Woo Jin’s gender identity. Unlike other children of his age, Woo Jin is a smart kid who understands very well about what he is doing right now and why he plays the role of a girl. I didn’t make him audition for the role because I wanted him to play the main character. Of course, when I was offered to play the role of a girl, I asked Woo Jin for his opinion, and he willingly said that he was okay and that he could do it well.”

She continued, “Gender identity? I’m sure everyone who’s ever interacted with my son knows that’s nothing to worry about. Woo Jin is very boyish. He likes to hear that he’s ‘cool’ or ‘manly’ rather than ‘cute’ or ‘pretty.’ His dream is to become Hulk. He wants to be a strong man like Hulk. He’s very boyish when it comes to playing, acting, and talking.”

Then his mother informed everyone that both she and her husband majored in psychology. Her husband is currently working as a psychologist after getting his Ph.D. She asked people to stop saying uncomfortable things about him or spreading false rumors when they are only judging him for his appearance.

She stated, “I know my son better than anyone. I care for him, and I love him. Yes, I know you may see him as a boy [in the drama] after you find out, and you may feel less immersed and uncomfortable watching it. I fully understand that. However, it is only a difference of opinion, but I think the problem is that he’s receiving excessive criticism for playing the role of a girl for a short while.”

Then she thanked the people who are cheering for and supporting Seo Woo Jin and apologized for not being able to reply to everyone’s encouraging messages.

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