UP10TION’s Lee Jin Hyuk Talks About Meeting His Role Model Lee Seung Gi + Appearing On “Master In The House”

UP10TION member Lee Jin Hyuk shared his thoughts on his first appearance on “Master in the House”!

The idol appeared on the April 5 broadcast of the variety show and participated in an interview on the following day. This episode was centered around strengthening the immune system in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each member filled out a health self-evaluation sheet and tested his physical age. Lee Jin Hyuk enthusiastically participated in the activities and showcased his charms to viewers. “I still can’t believe that I spent time with older celebrities that I respect,” he began. “I felt so happy that I was able to fully show myself, Lee Jin Hyuk, through ‘Master in the House.'”

On the show, Lee Jin Hyuk chose Lee Seung Gi as his role model and brought up how Kang Ho Dong said that the UP10TION member reminded him of Lee Seung Gi 15 years ago during his appearance on “Let’s Eat Dinner Together.”

About appearing on the show with Lee Seung Gi, the idol said, “My role model from TV was bright and the same [as he is onscreen]. It made me feel even stronger about wanting to become someone who is loved for a long time.”

When asked about his similarity with Lee Seung Gi after meeting him in real life, Lee Jin Hyuk replied, “Sociability. It made me want to resemble his sociability and his comfortability with everyone even more.”

During the quiz segment, Lee Jin Hyuk showcased flexibility and strength fitting of his 20s as well as his knowledge on nutrition. “I have a lot of interest in health, so I think my knowledge grew naturally. My secret to health is to breathe fresh air in the morning for 30 minutes, to eat breakfast, and to drink water. These are honestly basic things, but also things that people tend to forget.”

Lee Jin Hyuk, however, received surprising results during the art psychology segment. After seeing his drawing, the doctor stated that he is lonely and receives lots of stress. He commented, “I’m quick to externalize, so I think that result came about because I know what I’m receiving stress from and what I need. Thinking optimistically, I think of stress as trials and am trying to overcome it.”

He added, “I didn’t want to worry my fans and feel sorry because I did so. I’m going to continue progressing, so please trust me and continue to watch me as always.”

Lee Jin Hyuk’s appearance will continue on next week’s episode of “Master in the House.” He concluded, “I think the point to watch out for is my improv with Yang Se Hyung and what the food masters have to say.”

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