7 K-Pop Songs To Bring You Comfort During Quarantine

With the current COVID-19 pandemic that is rapidly taking over the world, most of us find ourselves in a state of mandatory confinement as a safety measure. While the first couple of weeks seemed more like a break from everyday life and obligations, people started to feel disheartened during quarantine, and that includes introverts who usually thrive in self-isolating as long as it’s voluntary. While this feels like being placed under house arrest, it can be an opportunity to appreciate having a home to safely shelter oneself from the risk of catching the coronavirus.

To chase the blues that have been accompanying this new and challenging situation, here is a selection of K-pop songs with various themes to highlight the fact that being home is not such a bad thing! (And yes, “Home” is the keyword in almost all of the titles.)

1. Epik High ft. Oh Hyuk – “Home is far away”

In this slow-paced song, according to Epik High and Oh Hyuk, home can be a place that allows you to put down the burdens that weigh your shoulders down and allow yourself to take a breather before you get back on your feet. Your fears and worries can chase you all they want, but you’ll always be able to silence them in the safe space that you call home.

2. JBJ95 – “Home”

The duo serenades us with this love story as they ask a past lover to come back home. The latter expression is both metaphorical and literal, since they consider their relationship a haven that brings them together and warms their hearts in the process.

3. 2NE1 – “Come back home”

Combining this emotional song with a dystopia-themed MV, 2NE1 shares the pain of constantly reminiscing about an ex-boyfriend and wondering whether there is still a chance to save the relationship. All of this is in the hope of reuniting once again to seek refuge in their binding love that used to fill their hearts.

4. SEVENTEEN – “Home”

SEVENTEEN sways us with a soothing rendition as they make a sweet love confession. Expressing their endless love and support, they reassure their love interest that they will always be on their side, thus bringing comfort and healing to their heart. They further address the many shared memories to emphasize their fruitful relationship before they ask their significant other to make themselves at “home.”

5. MOBB – “Full House”

This energetic track doesn’t need an introduction nor a detailed description because the title says it all. When Mino and Bobby get together, you’re in for a wild ride. The lyrics are a vivid depiction of what could be the party of a lifetime, and this duo surely knows how to have fun! You can jam to this beat if you’re confined with other people: you might not have a full house, but it can still be a lit one!

6. 2PM – “My House”

Here is another invitation to a party, this time it’s from 2PM and the dress code is formal. As the sextet suggests in this vibrant and thrilling tune, you can meet interesting people amidst the crowd, maybe even your potential soulmate. However, going to someone’s house at the moment may not be advised. You can dance to this classic bop in the comfort of your own home for the time being!

7. BTS – “Home”

Home can mean many things. To BTS, home is wherever their fans are. While they acknowledge the many achievements they made and the many dreams they saw come true so far, they admit that when they look back on their old days, they realize that their fandom ARMY has been there all along and that they eventually belong together.

Which K-pop song brings you solace during quarantine? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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