Watch: INFINITE’s L And Shin Ye Eun Are Close And Playful Behind The Scenes Of “Meow The Secret Boy”

KBS2’s “Meow the Secret Boy” has revealed new behind-the-scenes videos.

The drama is about an aspiring webtoon artist named Kim Sol Ah (Shin Ye Eun), who has a love-hate relationship with cats, and a cat named Hong Jo (INFINITE’s L), who can secretly turn into a human.

In the first video, L and Shin Ye Eun are filming a scene in which L protects Shin Ye Eun from falling wooden planks. L discusses various different poses for the scene with the director, and everyone decides that L hugging Shin Ye Eun from behind for the scene looks best.

The two actors go on to rehearse the next part of the scene, where Shin Ye Eun checks to see if L is okay, and the two keep the atmosphere light and casual, joking around with each other.

Watch the full video here:

In the next video, L and Seo Ji Hoon have a scene together, in which L makes Seo Ji Hoon, who has a cat allergy, sneeze. Shin Ye Eun comes to watch, and after the scene is over, the three poke fun at Seo Ji Hoon’s awkward sneeze from the beginning of the drama. Seo Ji Hoon says, “I was so surprised after seeing episode one. [I said,] ‘Cat allergy. Ah-choo.'” Shin Ye Eun says, “But now you’re so good at sneezing!”

In the final scene, the three actors shoot a scene together. After L leads Shin Ye Eun out of frame and the director gives the okay, L laughs and teases Shin Ye Eun, saying, “What is this weird pose?”

Watch the behind-the-scenes clip here:

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