5 Unique Ways Each Character Confessed Their Feelings In “Meow The Secret Boy”

Meow the Secret Boy” keeps bringing refreshing themes viewers have never seen in a drama before.

KBS 2TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama tells the story of a cat who transforms into a boy and a girl with adorable puppy-like features. Starring INFINITE’s Kim Myung Soo, Shin Ye Eun, Seo Ji Hoon, Yoon Ye Joo, and Kang Hoon, “Meow the Secret Boy” introduces distinctive characters and witty dialogue to create a unique drama. Here are five ways these characters made soft and innocent love confessions in their own style.

1. Hong Jo’s confession in third person

In episode nine, Hong Jo (Kim Myung Soo) realized he liked Kim Sol Ah (Shin Ye Eun), who accepted him as a cat and even gave him her favorite necklace. After transforming into a boy, he set out to find Sol Ah and confessed, “I like you.” However, since he was living under the false name Bang Gook Bong, pretending to be Kim Sol Ah’s half brother, he told her, “Hong Jo likes you too,” confessing his true feelings in the third person.

2. Sol Ah’s sweet but firm confession

In episode 12, Kim Sol Ah was waiting for Hong Jo by the riverside, where she shared lots of memories with her late mother. She reminisced about her time with Hong Jo, ultimately realizing that she likes him. Shin Ye Eun told Lee Jae Sun (Seo Ji Hoon), whom she had a one-sided crush on for 10 years, “I think I can really be friends with you now,” confirming she has a new person in her heart. She firmly drew the line with him, as she honestly expressed her feelings with a high-spirited smile.

3. Lee Jae Sun’s straight confession

Lee Jae Sun (Seo Ji Hoon), who had been abandoned by his parents and foster parents four times, confessed to Kim Sol Ah in episode 11. He thought about his painful past and why he had kept pushing her away, telling her, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for misunderstanding you, for not saying anything, for not even listening, for isolating myself, and for leaving you alone. To be honest, I’ve never been your friend either.”

4. Eun Ji Eun’s physical confession

Eun Ji Eun (Yoon Ye Joo) finally got the courage to spend one-on-one time with her crush of 10 years, Go Doo Shik (Kang Hoon), in episode 12. However, inside her lunch box was Go Doo Shik’s old eraser, kept by Eun Ji Eun for 10 years and hidden by Hong Jo. Eun Ji Eun rushed to hide it, but curious Go Doo Shik kept asking what she had. As he got closer, Eun Ji Eun’s nerves kept rising and she eventually shouted out, “I like you!” throwing the eraser at him and running away.

5. Kang Hoon’s poorly executed confession

In episode 12, Go Doo Shik thought he was making Eun Ji Eun uncomfortable, having no idea that she was being shy because of her crush on him. Exasperated, he told her, “You’re the first person to ever say that they don’t like me! I’m not lying! I’m going to make you like me!” In attempts to achieve this, Go Doo Shik constantly approached Eun Ji Eun with kind gestures, only making her more shy and reserved, and him more confused.

The producers of “Meow the Secret Boy” commented, “These are all impressive scenes that could only be completed thanks to our incredible youth actors Kim Myung Soo, Shin Ye Eun, Seo Ji Hoon, Yoon Ye Joo, and Kang Hoon. Please look forward to what kind of ‘love’ these innocent characters will pursue.”

“Meow the Secret Boy” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. KST.

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