Jung Eun Chae’s Agency Releases Statement About Reported Affair With Jung Joon Il 10 Years Ago

On April 19, Jung Eun Chae’s agency, KeyEast Entertainment, issued a statement in response to the report of an affair between the actress and singer Jung Joon Il a decade ago.

Two days earlier, WikiTree had published a report claiming that Jung Eun Chae and Jung Joon Il had had an affair 10 years ago. Jung Joon Il was married at the time, but the report claimed that Jung Eun Chae did not know this when they were dating. In response to this report, Jung Joon Il’s representatives stated that they could not verify the report because it was the artist’s private life, but also claimed that Jung Eun Chae had known that Jung Joon Il was married.

The following is KeyEast’s official statement:

This is KeyEast Entertainment.

Previously, Jung Eun Chae’s position was revealed against her will. We hope that the resulting battle for the truth on both sides will no longer continue.

This issue is an extremely private matter that ended 10 years ago. Neither side had any intention of bringing up the issue in the present day, but because of this sudden report, people are treating it as if it is a current case.

We regret that this situation has caused additional harm to our artist by having a specific part of an issue that belongs to her private life revealed to the public.

We ask that you refrain from further speculation and making statements without proof.

Jung Eun Chae is currently appearing in the highly anticipated SBS drama “The King: Eternal Monarch.”

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