10 Times “Going SEVENTEEN” Had Us Losing Our Minds

“Going SEVENTEEN,” SEVENTEEN’s own variety content has really grown in recent years. In the earliest form, it was a bi-weekly vlog that followed them on their tours. The 10-plus minutes then expanded to nearly half hour episodes with more structured content. Sometime last year, the bi-weekly airings became weekly airings, and since then, “Going SEVENTEEN” has only gotten bigger and better. With a new theme song and title sequence, new editors that are as chaotic and funny as the members, and 13 members who know how to amp up the entertainment factor, “Going SEVENTEEN” is so entertaining even non-fans are taking notice of it and tuning in (every Monday at 10:10 p.m. KST, available on their own YouTube and V Live channels).

So, if you’re new to (Going) SEVENTEEN, or if you just want to relive some amazing episodes, here are some episodes you should definitely check out:


Even though there’s a more recent version of TTT in 2019 that’s just as fun to watch, this 2018 OG version still holds a special place in my heart. There’s so much to love about this first installment of TTT (which is an abbreviation(?) for “MT SVT REALITY”), where the boys really let loose and enjoy themselves during this overnight trip. You can feel that the boys are excited to go have some fun, and that energy is contagious!

We see them play games, barbecue, play games, clean up, play more games (yes, they’re addicted to games), and fling each other into the pool. Oh yes, we also see them the next morning, barely awake and sporting bed hair. You’ll be grinning from ear to ear throughout these episodes!

GOING SEVENTEEN 2019 EP.3-4: Going Entertainment

These episodes in 2019 start in the form of a skit, where the boys are new employees at this “Going Entertainment” company. SEVENTEEN has fun with the concept from the get-go, throwing wild adlibs everywhere. From there, the boys prepare their own pitches for future “Going SEVENTEEN” content. Their pitches are great and all (many of which make up future episodes), but it’s just as amusing seeing how supportive the other members are of each other. A simple idea of “1+1” can ignite fervent chanting, as can a simple word like “camera.” And who can forget the hilarity of Vernon’s red glasses vs. the red marker? These episodes signified a new beginning for “Going SEVENTEEN,” and things were off to a great start!

GOING SEVENTEEN 2019 EP.6-7: Logo Song & Title Sequence Making

With “Going SEVENTEEN” taking on a more structured route starting in 2019, we knew we weren’t going to get as much behind-the-scenes episodes as before. So these two episodes, showcasing SEVENTEEN’s self-producing side, are even more precious. The boys write their own logo song (theme song) and ending credits song. They record them and then film their own title sequence video. And since then, “Going SEVENTEEN” has had its own intro and outro (complete with previews of the following episode), and it truly feels like a complete TV-watching experience.

GOING SEVENTEEN 2019 EP.10-11: Dang.Dang.Kam.Chae

These episodes are in essence Hoshi’s idea, where the members get to experience the ins-and-outs of everyday jobs like recycling or making dairy products. The members are split into two groups, of which one goes to a dairy farm and the other goes to a coffee plantation. We see the dairy team try things such as feeding cows and sheep, cleaning barns, and even making cheese and ice cream; whereas the coffee team learns about the history of coffee beans, re-pot and water coffee plants, then roasting and brewing their own coffee. It’s fun to watch them out in nature, relaxing (or in the coffee team’s case, suffering) and experiencing new things.

But we also can’t talk about D.D.K.C without mentioning the very important discovery of latte! Yes, that’s right, the boys discovered that when you drink milk and coffee together, it makes latte! *Mindblown* This happens at the end of episode 9, when we are treated to the boys randomly choosing cups of either milk or coffee to decide on the teams. And because they are SEVENTEEN, they suddenly have the bright idea of drinking both cups at the same time, which leads to their amazing discovery. Very quickly, we see all the members rushing to try this newfangled way of drinking latte. It’s ridiculously silly, but what else can we expect from SEVENTEEN and their one braincell?

GOING SEVENTEEN 2019 EP.17-18: Escape Singing Room

The premise of these episodes is that the members are trapped in a room and the only way to escape is by scoring a 100 on the karaoke machine. Sounds like a challenge right? Except Mingyu and Hoshi manage to score 100 just 10 minutes into filming and on a song they don’t know no less! The boys concede to staying for the sake of filming, but as luck would have it, they aren’t able to achieve another perfect score, even with the help of mini-missions. Finally they cue up MONSTA X’s “Trespass,” letting Hoshi go wild on the rap parts, but just as Vernon cuts the song short to calm Hoshi down, they are surprised with a perfect score. It is a heart thumping moment to witness, as pure surprise and exhilaration are etched on the boys’ faces. Honestly, they seem more overjoyed in this moment then when they win on music shows. And that, ladies and gentlemen, Carats and Monbebes, is the power of MONTEEN!

GOING SEVENTEEN 2019 EP.19-20: Debate Night

SEVENTEEN often takes even the most trivial things seriously and this quality of theirs is highlighted in these “Debate Night” episodes. The boys sit down and debate topics such as “Would you rather have three arms vs. three eyes” and “would you rather live a year as a pigeon vs. spend a year living with five pigeons as your roommates.” Seeing as how the topics are already absurd to begin with, the boys don’t hold back with their similarly ridiculous arguments that barely contain any traces of logic (a magical flute can summon all kinds of animals to do your bidding). It’s a hoot and a half the whole way through, and it’s definitely a night to remember.

GOING SEVENTEEN 2019 EP.24-25: SVT Playground

“SVT Playground” are another set of episodes that again showcase the boys’ playful sides. They go back in time and play the games that they played in their childhood years while also using their smarts to try and outwit each other. You’re literally just watching the boys play simple games around the park, but the joy and playfulness they exude is so charming it’ll wash away all your Monday blues. This is also when Jeonghan wins his five wish coupons, which he continuously lords over his members and production team, because well, he’s Jeonghan.


These set of episodes will probably go down in history as one of the most exciting entries of “Going SEVENTEEN.” The 13 members basically play a game of Mafia, where there’s three mafias, one doctor, and one cop. But unlike the usual straightforward version, the mafia team also hides a wad of cash on the premises, and the members play mini games in order to earn time so they can search for it in between eliminations. If the citizens find the cash or identify all three mafias, then they win, and vice versa.

What makes this so epic, however, is near the end of the game when [SPOILER] Hoshi accidentally makes an error, and the other members determine him to be the mafia. But with his silver tongue, he manages to somehow convince his members to not vote him out and instead eliminate another member. And before they know it, it’s too late for the citizens to win, so Hoshi full on owns up to being the mafia and indulges in all his new-found power. It’s all very chaotic, loud, and thrilling, making this a game of Mafia for the records!

GOING SEVENTEEN 2020 EP.5-7: SeungKwan Boo’s Past Life Destiny

As the title suggests, these episodes put the spotlight on Seungkwan (starting from 2020, they feature a member, or a member’s idea each month) and his MC skills. The premise is a parody of a classic Korean variety show, where guests appeal to one other to form a pairing, then play games together. The boys have a little too much fun with the concept, ditching their newly-formed partners for other members, again and again. With so many members in SEVENTEEN, there’s also so many ships you could literally fill a shipyard, and it’s hysterical to see the boys try to appeal to each other (and the viewers). The games they play are similarly fun, with each members’ personalities on full display. And most hilarious of all is that the most low-key pairing of the night manages to sneak in the overall victory, only just because the other four teams are trying to prevent each other from winning.

GOING SEVENTEEN 2020 EP.8-9: Insomnia-Zero

With a concept of “whoever falls asleep the fastest gets to leave work the earliest,” you would think these would be more subdued episodes. But as any Carat would tell you, with SEVENTEEN around, nothing will ever be in the realm of “subdued.” In order to keep the members awake (or raise their heart rates), the members continuously spill the tea on each other, airing out old grievances and scuffles. And before we know it, we’ve moved on to watching members try to sleep while listening to ASMRs of eating, with the occasional “Tasty” being thrown out courtesy of deep-voiced Wonwoo. It’s nonsensical, it’s funny, it’s entertaining, which are basically also words that describe SEVENTEEN themselves.

Are you a regular viewer of “Going SEVENTEEN”? Which is your favorite set of episodes? Or which of your must-watch ones did I miss out on? (There’s so many of them, I know.) Head down to the comments to share your love! 

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