KBS 2TV’s “Meow the Secret Boy” has shared new behind-the-scenes videos!

The making-of video captured Shin Ye Eun and Kim Myung Soo playing around at an aquarium, where they filmed their respective characters Kim Ah Sol and Hong Jo going on a date.

Upon seeing the sharks behind her, Shin Ye Eun began singing the song “Baby Shark” in a goofy manner, making Kim Myung Soo laugh. The duo playfully danced to the song until it was time to shoot their scene.

Later, Shin Ye Eun began to recite to Kim Myung Soo interesting facts about the ocean that she had just read from the informational panels on the wall. “Did you know we have only discovered 10 percent of all the living things in the ocean?” she asked. Kim Myung Soo responded, “It looks like you’ve studied hard over there.”

Kim Myung Soo then chose the turtle as his favorite animal in the aquarium before commenting on Shin Ye Eun’s silly stance as she took selfies with the fish.

Next, the crew moved to a cafe where they joined the rest of the cast. The video captured the actors cracking up at Kim Myung Soo’s awkward line, “I’m a one-year-old.”

They proceeded to film a champagne-popping scene. However, Kang Hoon, who played Go Doo Shik, struggled to open the bottle of champagne, and the director stepped in to show him how. The scene was successfully shot after three attempts at opening the bottle.

The next making-of video revealed the process behind the kiss scene between Eun Ji Eun (played by Yoon Ye Joo) and Go Doo Shik (played by Kang Hoon). The crew laughed as Kang Hoon, who stuttered as he clarified his actions for the scene, made the director demand jokingly, “Do you not want to kiss her?”

After filming their scene, Yoon Ye Joo pointed out, “Kang Hoon is nervous!” Kang Hoon then danced awkwardly to hide his embarrassment. “It’s his first kiss,” she teased.

Next, the video showed the crew filming a raining scene at night where Kim Myung Soo commented on the cold weather. Shin Ye Eun joined him later to act out an emotionally charged scene between the two characters.

In good spirits despite the weather, Shin Ye Eun and Kim Myung Soo smiled at the camera after their scene and successfully wrapped up the filming.

Check out the series finale below!

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