Watch: Eun Ji Won Brings SECHSKIES Members Along For New Series With PD Na Young Suk In Teaser

Eun Ji Won and producing director (PD) Na Young Suk are back, this time with the other members of SECHSKIES!

On May 1, a video was shared on Na Young Suk’s YouTube channel teasing a new show that will be the follow-up to the “Mapo Hipster” series.

The new series is set to be the first of the “Keeping promises made in lieu of a trip to the moon” project. Last year, Na Young Suk said that if his channel reached one million subscribers, he would send Eun Ji Won and Lee Soo Geun to the moon. The goal was reached quickly and Na Young Suk had to plead with viewers to unsubscribe from his channel to retract the statement. To make up for it, Na Young Suk made new promises to Eun Ji Won and Lee Soo Geun on more realistic shows they could do.

The first project will be with Eun Ji Won, who decided to bring the other members of SECHSKIES into the show because he doesn’t like doing things alone. The new show will be like a spin-off of the popular “Three Meals a Day” series and follow the four members of SECHSKIES as they travel together and make food for themselves. Eun Ji Won said that the group, who are celebrating their 23rd debut anniversary this year, haven’t done that many things together as a group, so the group is set to live together in a remote place.

Eun Ji Won hesitated for a moment when Na Young Suk said, “We’ll create memories for SECHSKIES that you won’t forget until you die.” He joked, “I have to think about it. Do you really have to take it that far? Are you trying to implant us with a sense of seeking revenge by the end of it?”

The video ends with the SECHSKIES members meeting the staff as they talk about the show. The members have hilarious suggestions like, “Why don’t we go all the way? If you’re going to take our phones, why not just remove the roof as well?” and “I’d be okay if we were given materials to build our own roof then,” and “I’m concerned just how close we’re going to be by the end of this.” Eun Ji Won remarks, “You don’t realize it but you guys are really weird” to his fellow members.

PD Shin Hyo Jung, who has been in charge of the “New Journey to the West” series, will be leading the show, and she said, “We’ll create unforgettable memories for SECHESKIES.”

Similar to its predecessors like “Mapo Hipster,” the new show will air for five minutes on TV before the full episode is shared online through the official YouTube channel.

The new show is set to premiere on May 15.

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