Watch: Minzy Sends A “LOVELY” Message To Fans With Uplifting New MV

Updated May 24 KST:

Minzy is back with her new single “LOVELY”!

“LOVELY” is an upbeat acoustic pop track that accentuates Minzy’s vocal abilities. Minzy wrote the lyrics for the song as a message to herself as well as her fans.

Check out the beautiful music video below!

Updated May 21 KST:

Minzy revealed the MV teaser for her new single “Lovely”!

Updated May 17 KST:

Minzy has revealed a 12-second audio teaser of her upcoming solo track “Lovely”!

Listen to it below:

Updated May 15 KST:

Minzy released a new concept teaser for “Lovely”!

Updated May 13 KST:

Minzy shared a second concept teaser poster for her second single “Lovely”!

Updated May 10 KST: 

Minzy has shared the first look at her concept in a poster teaser!

Updated May 8 KST:

Minzy shared a time table for her song “Lovely,” revealing that it’s due out on May 24!

Updated May 6 KST:

Minzy shared a 20-second teaser for her upcoming song “Lovely”!

Original Article:

Minzy is coming back soon!

On May 4, Minzy revealed that she’ll soon be releasing a new single titled “Lovely,” and she shared a beautiful first teaser photo.

Minzy announced in a live broadcast last week that she personally wrote the lyrics for her new single!

This will be Minzy’s first single since her departure from the agency The Music Works following a legal dispute. Minzy’s most recent release was the single “All of You Say,” which she shared in December 2018.

A release date has not yet been shared for Minzy’s new single. Stay tuned for updates!

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