HA:TFELT Talks About Her Upcoming Album, Shares Mindset On Speaking Out

In a recent interview with MK Sports, HA:TFELT (Yeeun) talked about finding her identity as an artist, her upcoming album, and more.

She said, “Wonder Girls is one part of me, and HA:TFELT is me. The direction that I’m pursuing as HA:TFELT is authenticity. As Wonder Girls, our focus was on our image, and our look and concept. My music as HA:TFELT is more story-based.”

Along with her upcoming album, HA:TFELT is releasing a storybook. She said, “It’s something our agency CEO brought up to me several times.”

“I wondered when I would have time to write something for the storybook, since even making music was a big task. But I ended up doing it. There’s not a lot of writing, but since the songs have a subject, the writing flowed.”

She added that Amoeba Culture was a big support through everything. “It’s a studio album with 14 tracks and a lot of music videos, so it could’ve been difficult, but my agency supported and encouraged me.”

Talking about the evolution of her music along with her personal state of mind, she said, “I told people in 2017 that I would be releasing a studio album, and I was asked a lot by fans about it. Because it’s my first studio album, I wanted it to have a distinct style, but in 2017, I had a lot of dark songs. I didn’t really have direction.”

“In 2018, I wasn’t able to create anything, so I took some time to receive counseling and spent the year living as not an artist, but Yeeun. Come 2019, I had more things figured out, and making music was a lot of fun again. I became a lot more healthy.”

On various statements she’s posted on social media, she said, “Ever since I was young, if I wanted to say something, I had to say it. It’s also written in my book, but I’ve created a rule where when I get angry, I’ll try to let it go three times. If I still have to say something, I’ll say it. I’ll hold back three times and say something on the fourth, and I’ve decided that at that point, something needs to be said. I believe that criticism is a passing thing, and if I’m going to regret something whether I take action or not, I’ll take action.”

Currently, she’s most interested in COVID-19. “I think I do a search on it 20 times a day. I’ll look up news the most, which I enjoy watching. I really like ‘Unanswered Questions,’ and if not that, I tune in to ‘Dating Interference’ (literal title) every week. When COVID-19 is over, the first thing I want to do is go surfing.”

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