VIXX's Ken Talks About His 1st Solo Album, Military Enlistment, And More

In a recent interview, VIXX’s Ken opened up about his solo debut.

His first solo mini album “Greeting” will convey various emotions through his melodious voice, and the title track is called “Just for a moment.”

When asked about how he feels about releasing a solo album eight years after his debut, he said, “I’m making my official solo debut after eight years, so I feel nervous and pressured, but I’m excited and happy to think that this album will be filled with songs that I sang by myself. It may be lacking, but I’d appreciate it if you enjoyed it and listened to it a lot.”

Introducing his title track, Ken explained, “The title track ‘Just for a moment’ is about the aspects of love and separation that everyone has experienced at least once. It’s a ballad that features high notes, delicate and emotional vocals, and powerful string [instruments], and you will be able to further experience the atmosphere of the song if you watch the stage.”

Regarding the part he focused on the most, he shared, “Since it’s my first solo album, I wanted to do everything well and show everything properly. What I focused on the most was my voice. While recording the songs to be featured in the album, I practiced expressing various emotions, and I tried to emphasize the tone of my voice and the feeling of the songs. I sang these songs hoping that my emotions would be felt through each of the lyrics, so I hope that can be conveyed to those who listen to my music.”

Ken also picked his favorite song in the album. He said, “It’s the fourth track titled ‘Meteor Shower’ (literal translation). It’s the first self-composed song by me and my beloved friends. I want to sing this song for each and every one of my fans.”

When asked about what he wants to show through his solo album, he said, “In the past, what I showed I focused more on the [album’s] concepts, but this time, I want to let you hear my voice. I want to show you various types of vocals, such as powerful and soft ones.”

Ken also mentioned his members’ reactions, saying, “They said they liked all the songs and not just the title track. I was touched by their sincere support.”

Ken shared his thoughts about his military enlistment this summer. He said, “I’m so thankful to my family, members, and fans. I think I’ll miss them a lot. I want to make a lot of good memories during the time I have left.”

When asked about the difference between being in musicals and performing solo, he answered, “Musicals have to be led together by [all the actors] for a long period of time. If there’s anything lacking, we can provide support for each other and sing and act with all our might on stage, but on solo stages, I have to pour out everything I’ve prepared in a short time.”

Ken then shared his goals for this mini album, saying, “I want to be described as ‘Ken, an emotional vocalist you can trust.’ I also want to make good memories with my fans.”

Lastly, he said to his fans, “Thank you for supporting me for eight years. I will do my best to repay your love with a good songs and a good voice. I’ll do my best best to make our fans shine like ‘Starlight’ (VIXX’s fan club name), so I hope we can continue to walk together like we are now. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I love you.”

“Greeting” will be released on May 20 at 6 p.m. KST.

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