gugudan's Kim Sejeong Talks About Producing Music, How She Has Changed Since Debut, And More

gugudan’s Kim Sejeong looks both refreshing and elegant in her recent pictorial for Singles magazine!

Throughout the entire photo shoot, Kim Sejeong exuded a bright energy with a smile that never left her face. When asked about how she releases her energy, she shared, “I play pranks on people I’m close to, and I sometimes dance while changing clothes.”

Recently, Kim Sejeong released her first solo mini album “Plant.” With the exception of the title track “Plant,” Kim Sejeong co-wrote the music and lyrics for all of the songs on the album. The artist revealed that after wrapping up her promotions, she had been taking a break. She shared, “However, I’m not lazy when it comes to working on producing songs. You have to prepare in advance if you want to showcase your work whenever the opportunity arises. When I get an idea, I immediately communicate with the composers.”

Kim Sejeong also shared that music simultaneously makes her feel special and doubtful. She revealed, “When a musical inspiration flashes by in my head, I feel special like I’ve become an amazing person, but it also makes me cautious by making me wonder if I’ve deluded myself.”

Furthermore, the artist talked about how she’s changed since her debut. Kim Sejeong shared that she was in the process of learning to become more comfortable. She explained, “Before, I had to put in effort to become comfortable, but now I’m learning to let go. I have to be comfortable in order to show my most natural self.”

Finally, Kim Sejeong talked about what kind of person she wants to be 10 years down the road. She shared that she admires Kim Jong Min for building a character and image that represents him so well. Kim Sejeong explained that she wants to do something similar, adding, “I want to enjoy myself comfortably through a character that represents me.”

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