Moon Ga Young Talks About Acting With Kim Dong Wook And Kim Seul Gi In “Find Me In Your Memory” + Shares Plans For Her Character’s Instagram Account

Moon Ga Young shared how much her latest drama “Find Me in Your Memory” meant to her in a recent interview with Ilgan Sports.

“I felt really disappointed when this drama ended,” she said. “It was difficult to say goodbye, maybe because I’d become really close with the staff. On set, the people were all so nice and considerate. I was so happy while filming. They set everything up so that we could be completely free.”

When asked if she had been friends with Kim Dong Wook before the show, she explained, “We met for the first time while working on this drama. He’s very shy so it was awkward at first. But once we got closer, I found that he can be very cute and he jokes around a lot. I think our chemistry seemed good once we got close. He always reacted to me well and guided me.”

Kim Dong Wook won the Daesang (grand prize) at the 2019 MBC Drama Awards for his performance in “Special Labor Inspector, Mr. Jo.” Moon Ga Young was asked if she felt pressure over starring alongside a Daesang-winning actor.

“If your partner is a Daesang-winner actor, then why would there be anything to worry about?” she replied. “I felt reassured. Since I knew that he’s a great actor, when I found out that we’d be working together, I felt very relieved. I learned a lot from him.”

Moon Ga Young’s character Yeo Ha Jin in “Find Me In Your Memory” is an actress who’s a popular influencer on social media. To go along with her role, Moon Ga Young personally ran an Instagram account for her character.

“Previously, IU and Kim Hye Soo made social media accounts for their characters,” she commented. “When I first met with the director, I said it seemed like it would be fun to start an account for Ha Jin, and I gave it a lot of thought up until the premiere. Thankfully, many people were interested so I made one. It was fun because I got reactions right away in real time.”

She also shared, “I have a lot of behind-the-scenes shots that I wasn’t able to post yet and I feel sad about saying goodbye to Ha Jin. I plan to upload photos now and then, like I’m someone who’s out there existing somewhere.”

Moon Ga Young was asked to describe what it was that made her character seem charming to her.

“I was envious of how she spoke without a filter and was honest about her feelings,” she said. “I was envious in part because as an actress, it’s not easy to live like that.”

“Other than that, a lot of me was reflected in her,” she said. “In particular, that showed a lot in scenes where I was with Kim Seul Gi.”

The interviewer said that they really seemed like sisters. “I really, really love her,” she responded. “We worked together so well. I was aiming for the Best Couple award. Even when I was feeling tired out physically, she was the reason I enjoyed going to set.”

In addition, Moon Ga Young shared her personal thoughts on fate. “I do believe in fate, but I think that I make my own fate too,” she said. “I don’t think that things will just come to me if I wait. I think that both being an actress and working on ‘Find Me in Your Memory’ have also been fate for me.”

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