Watch: “My Unfamiliar Family” Shows The Trials And Tribulations Of Family In New Teaser

Families: can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

That’s the theme that will be portrayed in the upcoming tvN series “My Unfamiliar Family,” a story of the relationships and misunderstandings between strangers who are like family—and family who are like strangers.

Han Ye Ri will be starring in the drama as the optimistic and overly considerate Kim Eun Hee, who is the second daughter in her family. Kim Ji Suk plays her free-spirited college friend Park Chan Hyuk who becomes her relationship coach to get her back in the dating game.

Chu Ja Hyun will star in the drama as Kim Eun Hee’s older sister Kim Eun Joo, a practical realist who used to work as an attorney, while Shin Jae Ha will play their sensitive younger brother Kim Jin Woo. Finally, Jung Jin Young and Won Mi Kyung will star as their parents Kim Sang Shik and Lee Jin Sook, respectively.

On May 25, the drama released a new teaser that begins with Park Chan Hyuk saying, “Do you know what the problem is with families? They don’t say what’s on their minds. Then one day, they explode.” His words hold true as tension erupts between Kim Eun Hee and Kim Eun Joo and as Kim Sang Shik and and Lee Jin Sook exchange harsh words.

Kim Eun Joo coldly points out that Kim Eun hee has crossed the line, and Kim Eun Hee lashes back at her for her nagging. Kim Jin Woo snickers at Lee Jin Sook, and she looks offended as she says to her son, “Is my decision funny to you?”

Eventually, Lee Jin Sook demands for separation, and Kim Eun Joo sides with her, saying, “Do whatever you want. I’m on your side.”

However, things take a terrifying twist as Kim Sang Shik falls down a mountain slope, and to make matters worse, Kim Eun Hee confesses she’s made a big mistake. Will the unexpected crisis bring the family closer together?

My Unfamiliar Family” premieres on June 1 at 9 p.m. KST and will be available with English subtitles on Viki.

Watch the full teaser below!

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