Watch: Jin Se Yeon, Jang Ki Yong, And Lee Soo Hyuk Joke Around Behind The Scenes Of “Born Again”

KBS 2TV’s “Born Again” released a new behind-the-scenes look at the drama!

The video starts off with Jin Se Yeon and Jang Ki Yong studying bones on set. With the help of a staff member, Jin Se Yeon learns to use her loupe, a small magnifier used to examine bones. She says with a smile, “Oh, now I can see.” She then makes the director laugh by looking at him while wearing the loupe and asking, “Isn’t it weird to say my lines while wearing this?” Jang Ki Yong makes fun of Jin Se Yeon, comparing her to a cartoon character before trying the loupe on himself.

Next, Jin Se Yeon and Cha Min Jee face an awkward silence while filming their scene and mess around with their lines. During a break in filming, Cha Min Jee says to Jin Se Yeon, “Let’s pretend we’re close,” and enthusiastically cuffs Jin Se Yeon’s sleeves for her.

Jin Se Yeon then asks Cha Min Jee about her character, saying, “Why is your name Jay? Are you from abroad? You must be good at English.” Cha Min Jee responds by pretending to talk in English while gesturing with her hands. Jin Se Yeon jokes, “Oh, you came from Italy?” to which Cha Min Jee mixes up her languages and says, “Bonjour,” making both actors burst into laughter.

Then, the video shows Lee Soo Hyuk and Jin Se Yeon filming their scenes together, where Lee Soo Hyuk ties Jin Se Yeon’s hair for her. Later on, the two actors practice their lines together outdoors at night.

Lee Soo Hyuk turns to the camera to talk about Jin Se Yeon’s character Jung Sa Bin. He says, “There are three levels to Sa Bin’s layers of clothing for when it’s really cold, less cold…” He turns to Jin Se Yeon for help and asks, “What about today? Is it chilly?” She answers, “Chilly. Just a little chilly,” and laughs.

The two actors continue to have fun with their scene until the video ends by showing them finishing their dramatic scene with smiles all around.

Watch the full making-of video below!

“Born Again” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST.

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