What To Look Forward To Ahead Of Today’s Premiere Of “My Unfamiliar Family”

tvN’s “My Unfamiliar Family” will be airing its first episode today!

“My Unfamiliar Family” will tell the story of the relationships and misunderstandings between strangers who are like family—and family who are like strangers. In the drama, the characters find themselves growing apart from their families as they get older, and their secrets pile up as they have a hard time opening up to those who are closest to them. On the other hand, they also learn that sometimes, life introduces you to strangers who can share and understand your deepest emotions and secrets.

Ahead of the premiere, the actors shared key points to look forward to. First of all, Han Ye Ri, who plays optimistic and overly considerate Kim Eun Hee who is the second daughter in her family, said, “Families are comfortable yet difficult because they are always around us. This is a drama where you can see all the processes in which they love and communicate with each other. Family forms are changing in many ways, but the problems between people are always difficult. This drama is about ‘us.'”

Kim Ji Suk will play Kim Eun Hee’s free-spirited college friend Park Chan Hyuk who becomes her relationship coach to get her back in the dating game. The actor commented, “A family is perhaps the most familiar and warm people to us, but in a way, they are the ones who can hurt us the most easily. I think it would be meaningful to compare how much we know about our families by looking at families that ‘don’t know [each other] much.’ This is a drama that contains the sympathy, consolation, support, and love that we need most in this world these days. I believe it will give viewers comfort and strength.”

Chu Ju Hyun will star in the drama as Kim Eun Hee’s older sister Kim Eun Joo, a practical realist who used to work as an attorney. As a key point of the drama, she shared, “If you watch [this drama] to find your roots or look back on your family, I think the view and spectrum of the drama will become very broad. It will start off very calmly, but there will be something like a big whirlwind in it. If you empathize and immerse yourself [into the plot], this drama will become very dramatic.”

Cha Ju Hyun added, “At one point, we face a time when we can clearly see each member of our family and not just ‘me.’ This drama will be like a ‘family reference book.'”

Veteran actor Jung Jin Young will play Kim Sang Shik, the father of the household who is not good at expressing his feelings. He explained, “This is a drama that will provide warm consolation to the people who have had a hard spring. It will end your day in a fun way. It’s a very cheerful yet deep story. We’ve been working hard, so please give it a lot of love.”

Won Mi Kyung will act as Lee Jin Sook, the mother of the family who wants to start living her own life now. The veteran actress shared, “The closest [people to us] are our family. How much do we know about our family? I hope this drama narrows the distance between family members. I also reflected on myself throughout the shooting. Sometimes my heart was stuffy and painful, and sometimes I would laugh out loud. I hope this drama will make [people] wonder, ‘Am I really with my family?’.”

Last but not least, Shin Jae Ha will play the sensitive younger brother Kim Jin Woo. Shin Jae Ha said the key point of the drama is being a family that looks ordinary but isn’t ordinary and has secrets. He said, “I’m sure the viewers also have a secret they couldn’t tell their family. It will be interesting if you see the secrets of our family members as a focal point. You probably thought you knew a lot [about your family] since you’re always together and you’ve seen each other for a long time. However, if you watch ‘My Unfamiliar Family,’ you’ll find yourself projecting yourself into our situation. It will be a time to reflect on the meaning of family.”

“My Unfamiliar Family” premieres on June 1 at 9 p.m. KST and will be available with English subtitles on Viki.

In the meantime, check out a teaser for the drama below!

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