Watch: Lee Soo Hyuk, Jang Ki Yong, And Jin Se Yeon Showcase Their Playful Friendship On The Set Of “Born Again”

KBS 2TV released a new behind-the-scenes look at “Born Again”!

In the clip, Lee Soo Hyuk begins by sharing, “I play a prosecutor, but it’s my first time wearing a court uniform in 14 episodes.” He adds, “Cheon Jong Beom (Jang Ki Yong’s character) has to come quickly. There’s nothing we can do without Cheon Jong Beom.” Lee Soo Hyuk excitedly takes photos of himself in his robes before filming begins.

Jang Ki Yong also expresses interest in Lee Soo Hyuk’s uniform while Lee Soo Hyuk practices his lines. Lee Soo Hyuk asks Jang Ki Yong if he has the evidence, but Jang Ki Yong replies, “So what if I do?” Lee Soo Hyuk laughs and asks, “You’re going to be like this? I really need the evidence.”

While Jin Se Yeon and Lee Soo Hyuk rehearse for a different scene, Lee Soo Hyuk jokingly says, “I’m drunk. I had six bottles of soju over there.” Despite the late night filming, Jin Se Yeon exudes a positive energy. She explains, “It’s because the weather’s so nice.” Even when she steps on gum, Jin Se Yeon continues to smile brightly.

In another clip at the theater, Jin Se Yeon and Jang Ki Yong talk about watching movies while snacking on popcorn. Jang Ki Yong reveals, “I haven’t been to the theaters these days. I usually go alone at night when there are no people.” Jin Se Yeon agrees that watching at night is better and adds, “I also watch movies at night with my family.”

Before filming a romantic scene, the director tells Jang Ki Yong not to be embarrassed. Jang Ki Yong confidently replies, “It’s actually not embarrassing,” and he and Jin Se Yeon begin filming enthusiastically.

Watch the full making-of video below!

“Born Again” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. KST.

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