Kim Kang Yeol Of “Heart Signal 3” Apologizes Following Reports Of Past Assault Incident

Kim Kang Yeol from “Heart Signal 3” has apologized for his past behavior.

On June 5, Korean news outlet Hankook Ilbo reported that a woman in her twenties had come forward saying she was assaulted by a cast member of “Heart Signal 3,” referred to as “B,” in January 2017 at a bar in Gangnam.

According to the report, the woman revealed, “I accidentally bumped into a woman who was with ‘B’ and apologized. However, another person came and pushed me while swearing and threatening me. ‘B,’ who had gotten up on a table, kicked me in the stomach, and I could not breathe for three seconds.”

Following the incident, the woman’s injuries took three weeks to heal, and she filed a criminal complaint against “B,” resulting in a summary indictment on charges of bodily harm. The court ordered “B” to pay a fine of 2 million won (approximately $1,600).

The woman later commented, “Whenever I see ‘B’ come out on television, I’m reminded of that time and I get so scared my hands and feet start to shake.”

After the reports surfaced, Kim Kang Yeol took to his Instagram on June 5 to upload an official apology, which reads as follows:

Hello. This is Kim Kang Yeol.

Before anything else, I want to once again bow my head in apology to the victim.

At the time, people from both my and their party had gotten into an argument at a bar, and the incident happened while I was trying to de-escalate the situation. Everyone from both parties was female, and the fight turned physical. At the moment, I was overwhelmed by my wish to protect my girlfriend and made a split-second mistake while trying to break apart the fight.

I regretted it, apologized, and requested that they let me take any necessary measures. However, they did not want it, as they wanted legal punishment. Some people thought the problem came from both sides, but I felt deep regret at the time so I thought it would be better to put an end to the situation and not cause the victim any more inconvenience. As a result, I received a fine as punishment.

This is from four years ago, and I’ve been trying to live without repeating this mistake. However, this image is still an image of me and my actions.

Once again, I feel deeply regretful and am reflecting.

I will contact the reporter and discuss ways to apologize again to the victim. To the victim who must have been very hurt, I once again deeply apologize.

I’m sorry.

This is not the first time the cast of “Heart Signal 3” has been caught up in negative reports of their past behavior, as the producers had to deny rumors linking cast members to Burning Sun, bullying, and more, even before its premiere.

Channel A, the producer of “Heart Signal 3,” has not responded to any reporters’ calls in regards to the latest issue. In the meantime, “Heart Signal 3” has topped the rankings of buzzworthy non-drama TV shows for the fourth consecutive week.

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