“My Unfamiliar Family” Previews Unpredictable Love Triangle Between Kim Ji Suk, Han Ye Ri, And Shin Dong Wook

tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “My Unfamiliar Family” has unveiled a glimpse of the confusing dynamic of Han Ye Ri, Kim Ji Suk, and Shin Dong Wook.

“My Unfamiliar Family” tells the story of the relationships and misunderstandings between strangers who are like family—and families who are like strangers. In the drama, the characters find themselves growing apart from their families as they get older, and their secrets pile up as they have a hard time opening up to those who are closest to them. On the other hand, they also learn that sometimes, life introduces you to strangers who can share and understand your deepest emotions and secrets.

Han Ye Ri plays the optimistic and overly considerate Kim Eun Hee, Kim Ji Suk plays her free-spirited college friend Park Chan Hyuk, and Shin Dong Wook plays her boss Im Gun Joo.

On June 7, tvN released new stills of their complex relationship. Kim Eun Hee, Park Chan Hyuk, and Im Gun Joo unexpectedly run into each other. Kim Eun Hee looks nervous to be near Im Gun Joo, who suddenly appeared in front of her and confused her love life. Park Chan Hyuk, who knows everything that happened between the two, watches with a spark of curiosity, and Im Gun Joo seems somewhat tense and uncomfortable as he glances their way.


Four years prior, Kim Eun Hee broke up with her boyfriend and pushed her longtime friend Park Chan Hyuk away at the same time. Kim Eun Hee, who regretted that day’s decision, unexpectedly reunited with Park Chan Hyuk and recovered their friendship easily as if they had never been apart. Then Kim Eun Hee made a huge mistake with her boss Im Gun Joo, and Park Chan Hyuk became her love coach to help her get back on her feet.

The production team of “My Unfamiliar Family” shared, “Kim Eun Hee, who has always been more considerate of others than herself, will be experiencing some changes. The relationship between the three will also be an interesting point to watch. Another twist awaits the family that has already undergone decisive changes.”

The next episode of “My Unfamiliar Family” airs on June 8 at 9 p.m. KST.

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