Watch: Lee Soo Hyuk, Jin Se Yeon, And Jang Ki Yong Wrap Up Filming With Smiles And Share Final Thoughts On “Born Again”

Born Again” released a new behind-the-scenes look from the drama’s final filming!

The making-of video begins with Jin Se Yeon and Lee Soo Hyuk preparing to film their date scene. The two play whack-a-mole, and Lee Soo Hyuk comments, “Why are they coming up so weakly? It doesn’t make me want to hit it,” making Jin Se Yeon laugh during the filming.

In a different scene with Jang Ki Yong and Jin Se Yeon, the director apologizes for making Jang Ki Yong climb up a hill while carrying Jin Se Yeon. During their first attempt, they stop the filming because Jin Se Yeon is placed in an awkward position. Jang Ki Yong playfully acts out the position he imagined Jin Se Yeon to be while dangling onto him.

During their final filming, Jin Se Yeon comments that both her first and final filming took place at her bookstore. The director also adds that winter has become summer. Jang Ki Yong and Jin Se Yeon have fun playing in the bookstore until Lee Soo Hyuk enters, jealous. He jokingly says, “I wanted you to be my close younger brother. Let’s just be coworkers. I used to like Ki Yong, but this can’t do.”

The filming ends with cheers and bright smiles as the cast and crew gather together to take pictures. The actors also express their final thoughts of the drama. Jang Ki Yong shares, “‘Born Again’ was a very meaningful project for me, so I really tried my best and worked hard from beginning to end. Although there were difficult moments while filming, I was able to endure and wrap up filming nicely thanks to the viewers who looked upon me well. Thank you sincerely, and I love you.”

Jin Se Yeon also thanks viewers for tuning in to “Born Again.” She adds, “It would be really nice if our project becomes one that lasts in everyone’s hearts forever. I had a really happy and enjoyable time.”

Finally, Lee Soo Hyuk wrapped up the video by sharing, “I worked hard to try my best and had fun filming on set, and I was able to gain great strength during filming thanks to the messages of support I received. I think this will become a great memory, and I’ll become a good actor that works hard to showcase even better acting in the future. Thank you for loving ‘Born Again’ a lot, and please continue to show lots of interest in all the actors, including me, in the future. Thank you.”

Watch the full making-of video below!

If you haven’t already, catch the finale of “Born Again” below:

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