Watch: Han Ye Seul Talks About Her Motto In Life, Favorite Past Projects, Love Life, And More

On June 11, Han Ye Seul answered some fan questions in a Q&A video uploaded to her personal YouTube channel.

In the Q&A video, she ranged from topics like how she got over the most difficult periods in her life, her motto in life, her favorite past projects, the most memorable people in her life, what she looks for in a partner, and more.

Han Ye Seul said that her motto or belief in life is “not backing down from what I think is right.” She continued, “I could be wrong, and I could make mistakes, but if I abandon my beliefs, then I wouldn’t be one thing or the other. My motto is ‘one day at a time.’ I try to enjoy each day as it is, and do the same thing again when tomorrow comes.”

She gave advice to those who wanted to be an actor, saying, “The first thing is, how much do you really love this job? All jobs are difficult, but actors face an uncertain future and a lot of mental exhaustion. Without a deep love for this job, it might be difficult to overcome these obstacles. If you love this job a lot and study and work hard, I can’t say how far you’ll get, but I think that it’s likely you’ll achieve some level of success in achieving your dream.”

Han Ye Seul picked Marilyn Monroe as her “muse” rather than her “role model,” describing how she gets inspiration from her brilliant smile and the sadness she sees beneath.

Asked about the person who left the biggest mark on her heart, she said, “If I were to speak honestly, wouldn’t it be the person you loved most who left the biggest impression? For me…” She started laughing and said, “Am I allowed to say this?” She censored the name but went on, “It’s the person whom I loved most. I can’t deny it.

Asked to pick her favorite past project, Han Ye Seul said “Couple or Trouble” (also known as “Fantasy Couple”). She said, “It was my first leading role. I debuted in “Nonstop 4,” but I was really nervous [in ‘Couple or Trouble’] because it was my first lead role. I felt a lot of pressure, but I was so happy for the same reason. I can still remember that time vividly, as if it’s in slow motion.”

One question asked her to name three qualities she looked for in a potential partner. The actress replied, “The first thing is ‘first attraction.’ You have to feel a sense of attraction to them. No matter how he looks, what he does, or how he’s dressed. It can’t be a bad person, but you have to feel the sense of attraction first. Second, it has to be a good person. You might ask, ‘what is a good person? What makes a good person?’ It’s ambiguous. But I can feel it in my gut. I don’t like bad, evil people. No matter how handsome, wealthy, talented, or attractive they are, I don’t like bad people. Also, your lifestyles have to match. When you love someone, you spend a lot of time with them, right?. If their tastes, lifestyles, patterns are so different from yours, wouldn’t it be difficult?”

She continued, “In the past, I used to be a girl waiting for a prince on a white horse. But now I want to be the princess on the white horse for someone else. Doesn’t that sound good? Why do I have to wait for a prince? Why can’t I appear on a white horse in front of someone like, ‘ta-da!’ There might be men who are waiting for princesses on white horses too, right?”

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